Organizational Development Resource Intern for the CGHD Ethiopia NGO research project

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September 16th, 2013

Scope of Work – Organizational Development Resource Library

Research Intern

Organizational Development Study, Ethiopia

Center for Global Health & Development

Study Overview

The Center for Global Health & Development (CGHD) is conducting a study on the capacity of NGOs serving highly vulnerable children in Ethiopia to examine linkages between changes in NGO capacity, organizational performance and child health outcomes.  This study is based on a smaller pilot study conducted in India in 2011.

The study is being conducted over the course of three years with data collection taking place between June-August in 2012, 2013, and 2014. The study has enrolled 44 local NGOs in Ethiopia serving highly vulnerable children. The majority of these NGOs are located in Addis Ababa with branch offices across Ethiopia and are receiving funds from a variety of donors, including USAID, Irish AID, CDC.

Data collection for the study consists of conducting one day assessments using the Measuring Organizational Development and Effectiveness (MODE) tool at each NGO. The MODE tool includes three different data collection tools:

  1. Staff survey: self-administered by all staff in the NGO and a sample of 15-20 volunteers;
  2. Organizational Profile: an overview of the organization’s programs, populations served, funding base and capacity building assistance received;
  3. Interview and Record Review: interview with the manager of the organization and a thorough review of organizational documents.

After the assessment, an individual report is developed for each NGO, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. The report also prioritizes organizational domains for capacity building and provides specific action steps to take in order to develop capacity in each domain. Although providing capacity building assistance is outside the scope of the study, NGOs have requested resources in order to address the recommendations the report provides.

 Scope of Work

The Research Intern will work in Boston with the Center for Global Health & Development under the direction of the principle investigator, and will report directly to the project’s research fellow.

Overall Responsibilities

The Research Intern will conduct a thorough online search of capacity building resources, compile the sources, and design an organizational development resource library in a format as determined appropriate for the project’s needs.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Online search of open access capacity building resources
  • Consult experts in the field of organizational development and capacity building
  • Determine quality of resources and if applicable to the Ethiopian NGO context
  • Determine the best format for the resource library (e.g. webpage, USB, CD)
  • Design an organizational development resource library
  • Develop a plan on how to maintain the organizational development resource library
  • Assist study team in disseminating the organizational development resource library to NGO partners and other stakeholders


The anticipated start date is Monday September 23rd and will end on Friday December 20th. There is the possibility for extension into 2014 if the research intern desires to join the data collection team from June-August 2013 in Ethiopia (which could fulfill the MPH practicum requirement).


There is no monetary compensation for this position.

Please submit your CV to Elizabeth DeMare ( if you are interested in the position.