TA needed for HS363 – Global Health: Beyond Germs and Genes (undergrad course). Paid position for $19/hr!

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January 14th, 2013

TA needed for HS363 – Global Health: Beyond Germs and Genes

(undergraduate level course)

Course description: This course will focus on the social determinants of health–the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, age, and die. We will examine case studies from around the globe that reveal the ways in which health inequities are shaped by the distribution of resources, money, and power at the local, national and global level, and the critical role played by social policies in reducing or exacerbating these inequities.  Social inequities, and their health consequences, are not natural or inevitable.  Changing practices and policies can help improve outcomes and extend lives.

Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the social determinants of health
  2. Appreciate and describe the links between income and health
  3. Describe the social gradient in health within and across populations
  4. Discuss critical connections between health and equity
  5. Understand and describe the relationship between lived environment, resources, and health
  6. Describe impact of development on environment and health
  7. Understand the impact of conflict situations on health and its potential to potentiate emergence and transmission of infectious diseases.
  8. Describe the importance of women’s health to individuals, families and communities
  9. Understand the relationship between social exclusion racism and health
  10. Appreciate the importance of secure neighborhoods, jobs, access to care, freedom from discrimination and racism as essential to health and health equity.
  11. Demonstrate proficiency as a discussion group leader
  12. Demonstrate proficiency in oral presentation
  13. Demonstrate critical thinking in response to complex global health issues through response papers
  14. Demonstrate proficiency in small grant writing

Employer:  Boston University, Sargent College, Charles River Campus

Scope of work:  TA will be required to attend all classes (Mondays 2-5pm), correct assignments and tests, hold weekly office hours, manage the course’s Blackboard site, and help organize course material

Skills required:  Must be an MPH student, be familiar with Blackboard, be organized, and have good communication skills; experience working with disadvantaged populations preferred

Start/End Date:  1/28/13 – 5/13/13

Hours:  Approximately 8 hours a week (this includes time attending class and office hours)

Stipend:  $19/hr.

To Apply:  Please send letter of interest outlining skills and experience, resume, and contact information for 3 references to:

               Leanne Yinusa-Nyahkoon, ScD

               Clinical Assistant Professor

               Boston University, Sargent College, Department of Health Sciences


For More Information:  Email Leanne Yinusa-Nyahkoon at lyinusa@bu.edu