Full-tuition stipend available through BU African Studies Center

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February 7th, 2012

 BU African Studies Center FLAS Application Deadline is  Feb 15th.  This award offers full-tuition stipend for US Citizens & permanent residents who take an African Language and African area studies course each semester.  African Studies Center expects to make 2 or 3 awards for next academic year.

Please find information about the FLAS awards here.  Graduate-Financial-Aid-Application

The Director of the African Studies Center indicates:

 “I expect to have 2 or 3 FLAS fellowships available for new students next year, so while the competition will be spirited, it is certainly worth sending your students for us to consider. Our deadline for applications is February 15, and our financial aid committee expects to meet the first week in March.”

 “Recipients are required to take an African language course and an African area studies course (which can be in their home department) each semester that they receive the grant. When we offer a FLAS fellowship, we commit to funding a student for 4-5 years (on FLAS while they are taking courses full-time, on GRS funds subsequently). We will give preference to students interested in studying languages that we regularly teach – Amharic, Arabic, Hausa, Kiswahili, Wolof, isiXhosa, and isiZulu.”