University Room and Event Scheduling

Boston University uses a scheduling system “25 Live” to schedule all classes, meetings and events throughout the University.  The official registrar page for 25Live can be accessed here.  You may use 25Live to look up availability Geddes spaces and book them yourself.

Getting Access

Before you can view the schedule and book rooms in 25Live, please watch these 2 training videos:

1. Navigating 25 Live

2. Building Events in 25 Live

After completing watching the videos, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to 25Live at: This is a necessary step in order to create a user record, you will need a user record in order for the registrar to grant access.

2. Complete 25Live Access Request Form on the Registrar’s 25Live Access page. Ask for the role of a requester.

Checking the availability of Geddes Rooms

The Geddes rooms to “star” are:

Screening Spaces: CAS 537A, 537C, 533B

Classrooms: CAS 425, 430, 530, 534, 538

Computer Lab: CAS 537

Meeting Space: CAS 533C