A Portrait of the Geddes Language Center

The following videos are training and promotional videos made at the language lab over the years.

History of the Geddes Language Center

A brief history of the Geddes Language Center given by Bob Rothstein as part of a Linguistics lecture series. March 2011.

Spotlight Series: Spotlight on the Audio Studio 2011

This video was produced by Frank Antonelli and narrated by Bob Rothstein in January 2011 for a new series of videos focusing on various services provided by the language lab. The speaker is recording text for Chinese homework exercises.

Student Staff 2007-2008

Tom DaSilva produced and starred in this look at the Geddes Student Staff.

Our Fearless Leader

Bob Rothstein, the Director, starring in a short. This was used for GRS LL699 as a sample video for editing.

Geddes After Dark

A “lost”, “wierd” remix of the 2007 student staff video featuring Dr. Robotnik.

Row Check Training Video

From 2001. How to clean the cassette lab. Produced and starring Frank Antonelli. Special appearance by Windex (as the cleansing agent).

Portrait of The Geddes Language Center

From 2000. An overview of the Center’s facilities. Originally shot for the IALL ’01 conference at Rice University in Houston, TX, although it seemingly was not submitted. Produced by AJ West and Frank Antonelli. Starring AJ West, Tim Chloran, Andy Murphy, Natalie Hebshie, and Rick Healey. Music by Frank Antonelli. Can you find the gnome?

Video Studio Orientation

A recently discovered orientation for using the Video Studio from sometime before 1986 starring Beth Wellington.

This is the Geddes Language Center

This is an overview of the lab made in the mid 1990’s, most likely produced for in class lab orientation. Narrated by Bob Rothstein. You needn’t rewind the tape.

Geddes Language Center “New” Orientation

From 1991. Chris Alberg gets kidnapped from Bruce Parkhurst’s class and is forced to use the reel-to-reel lab. Special appearance by George Michael’s shorts from a Wham! video. Narrated by Bob Rothstein.

Reel to Reel Orientation Video

From the early 80s. How to use the reel to reel lab to do your audio lab exercises. Featuring Julio. Its is unknown whether the El Dorado Pro Shop is still in existence.