The many resources of the Geddes Language Center are available to students and faculty for language learning and other pursuits.

Computer & Audio Lab – CAS 537

closeuplabThe computer lab currently has 18 stations with Lenovo PCs running Windows 10 and 18 stations with Apple computers running OS X 10.11. Each computer has the Microsoft Office Language Proofing tools which provide spell check and thesaurus in over fifty langages. Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and Russian word processing are also available. Each computer has a VLC Player installed which allows for playback of DVDs from any region. USB DVD drives are available at the checkout window for computers without a built-in DVD drive.

Headsets and microphones are available at each station for listening or recording. Four PC stations have 2 headsets and tabletop microphones for recordings in pairs. The 18 Mac stations have DiLL (Digital Language Lab for Macs) installed for classroom activities and paired recordings. Recording on the Windows computers can be done via RecordPad or web-based software such as Lingt Language.

Printing is $.10 per sheet (cash only). Duplex (double-sided) printing is available.  Students are alloted 20 free pages each semester. Faculty and RS/MLCL teaching fellows are given 500 pages for free each semester upon request.

Video Lab – CAS 537

Video LabThe video lab is equipped with 6 viewing stations with US DVD/NTSC VHS players. Selected stations can play Non-US DVDs and Blu-Ray discs as well as receive over the air broadcast television (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS). Groups of up to two can watch together.

Faculty Workspace – CAS 537

facroomThe faculty workspace is open to faculty and teaching graduate students in the Romance Studies and World Language and Literature departments. There are two Windows PCs and one Apple iMac available. Flatbed scanners, a document scanner, headsets, microphones, and a printer are available.

Student Lounge – CAS 536

LoungeThe student lounge is a great place for preparing for class, meeting with teachers, and brief napping. A TEEM table provides collaboration via a 55″ monitor, both through wired and wireless laptop connections.