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Angelou, Maya Maya Angelou: Phenomenal Woman
Ashbery, John John Ashbery: The Songs We Know Best
Auden, W.H. W.H. Auden Reads His Poetry
Auden, W.H. W.H. Auden: Selected Poems
Berryman, John John Berryman: Dream Songs – a Selection
Berryman, John John Berryman: Poetry Reading
Bly, Robert Robert Bly: For the Stomach
Brooks, Gwendolyn Gwendolyn Brooks Reads Her Poetry
Bunting, Basil Briggflats
Clampitt, Amy The Dahlia Gardens
Crane, Hart Tennessee Williams Reads Hart Crane
Cummings, E.E. E.E. Cummings Reads
Dickey, James James Dickey: Selected Poems
Dickinson, Emily Poems and Letters of Emily Dickinson
Donne, John The Love Poems of John Donne
Dunn, Douglas Readings introduced and read by “The Poets”
Eliot, T.S. T.S. Eliot Reading “Four Quartets”
Eliot, T.S. T.S. Eliot Reading “The Waste Land” and Other Poems
Eliot, T.S. T.S. Eliot Reads “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and Others”
Feringhetti, Lawrence Lawrence Feringhetti: Into The Deeper Pools
Frost, Robert Robert Frost: A Selection of Poems
Frost, Robert Robert Frost: In Recital
Ginsberg, Allen Allen Ginsberg: “Howl” and Other Poems
Gluck, Louise Louise Gluck: Poetry Reading
Graham, Jorie Jorie Graham: The Hiding Place
Gunn, Thom Readings introduced and read by “The Poets”
Hall, Donald Donald Hall: Names of Horses
Heaney, Seamus Readings introduced and read by “The Poets”
Heaney, Seamus Seamus Heaney at Harvard
Hill, Geoffrey The Poetry and Voice of
Homer Homer: Iliad – Book 1
Hughes, Langston Langston Hughes Reads and Talks About His Poems
Hughes, Ted Reading “The Thought Fox” and Other Poems
Hughes, Ted Readings introduced and read by “The Poets”
Hugo, Richard Richard Hugo: No Bells to Believe
Jarrell, Randall The Poetry of Randall Jarrell
Keats, John The Poetry of Keats
Larkin, Phillip Readings introduced and read by “The Poets”
Levertov, Denise Denise Levertov: The Acolyte
Levine, Philip Hear Me
Lowell, Robert Robert Lowell Reads His Poetry
Lowellm Robert Robert Lowell: Poetry Reading (1963)
MacDiarmid, Hugh The Greater MacDiarmid – Poetry Readings
Merrill, James James Merrill: Reflected Houses
Merwin, W.S. W.S. Merwin Reading His Poetry
Milosz, Czedlaw Czeslaw Milosz: Fire
Moore, Marianne Marianne Moore Poetry Reading
Muldoon, Paul Readings introduced and read by “The Poets”
Olds, Sharon Sharon Olds: Coming Back to Life
Paulin, Tom Readings introduced and read by “The Poets”
Pinsky, Robert Poetry Reading 1983
Pinsky, Robert Poetry Reading 1994
Plath, Sylvia Sylvia Plath Reads
Pound, Ezra Ezra Pound Reads
Rexroth, Kenneth Kenneth Rexroth: A Sword in a Cloud of Light
Rich, Adrienne Adrienne Rich: Planetarium, A Retrospective
Sexton, Anne Anne Sexton Reads
Shelley, Percy The Poetry of Shelley
Simic, Charles Charles Simic: School For Dark Thoughts
Snyder, Gary Gary Snyder: This is Our Body
Stein, Gertrude Gertrude Stein Reads From Her Poetry
Stevens, Wallace Wallace Stevens Poetry Reading
Stevens, Wallace Wallace Steves Reads his Poetry
Strand, Mark Mark Strand: The Untelling
Thomas, Dylan An Evening with Dylan Thomas
Thomas, Dylan Dylan Thomas Reads
Various Caedmon Collection of English Poetry
Various Caedmon Treasury of Modern Poets Reading
Various Readings introduced and read by “The Poets”
Walcott, Derek Derek Walcott Reads
Warren, Robert Penn Robert Penn Warren Reads
Wilbur, Richard The Poems of Richard Wilbur
Williams, William Carlos William Carlos Williams Reads
Wrights, James James Wright Reading
Yeats, W.B. The Poems of W. B. Yeats