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The Theory and Practice of Literary Translation 1994, 1995, and 2003

We’ve recently digitized and posted the Seminar in Translation speakers from 1994, 1995 and 2003.  Visit the website for more information about the Seminar Translation project and listen to the seminars in the Geddes archive. Visit the Seminar in Translation Website. Visit the Recordings Archive Page.  

Fall 2017 Video Acquisitions

Here is a list of titles that were added to the Geddes catalog between September 1, 2017 and January 18, 2018. Chinese CH 8.568 Out of Phoenix Bridge CH 8.569 Last Train Home CH 8.570 Disorder CH 8.571 Three Sisters CH 8.572 Hooligan Sparrow CH 8.573 Petition, Crime and Punishment, Paper Airplane CH 8.574 Meishi […]

Website update

On January 3, 2018, we launched a minor update to the Geddes website. The new site is optimized to allow for phone and tablet users to navigate the site. While most of the content has not changed, some pages have been moved for better organization. Please check any links to the Geddes site that you […]

Announcing this year’s Geddes Mini-Grant Recipients

Once again this year, there was a broadly based show of interest in our Geddes Mini-Grants program. This year’s grant recipients include: Hongyun Sun (Lecturer in Chinese) – “Incorporating Topic-Oriented Videos into Business Chinese;” María Datel (Senior Lecturer in Spanish) – “The Madrid Summer Program Promotion Integrated to the Contents of LS 211 and LS […]

Reflecting on Geddes Mini-Grants

It is exciting to think that since 2015, nine mini-grant projects have been proposed, funded and developed by BU language faculty. See the campus-wide post about last year’s recipients here.

2017 Translation Seminar Lecture Series

The complete series of the 2017 Seminar in Literary Translation Lectures are now available at our CAS event recordings resources page. A direct link to the series (1978-2017) can be found here:  In addition to the 2017 offerings, Geddes has added lectures from the mid-1990s to the website during the Spring 2017 semester.  

Heritage Languages Workshop

Join us March 29, 2-4 PM for an interactive workshop led by Dr. María Luisa Parra, Harvard University, entitled “Heritage Languages in the University classroom: Pedagogical challenges and possibilities” RSVP here.

A Ground-Breaking Effort at Recycling

Thanks to Alison, our Instructional Services Coordinator, for going to extra effort to ensure that all coffee pods consumed by our faculty, staff, students and friends get recycled. Alison introduced us to the Grounds to Grow On service in late October, and to date we have filled more than four boxes. Kudos!

DLI Grant Poster

Geddes was among those who presented a poster at BU’s first Teaching with Technology Festival on October 11, 2016. Poster Presentation at BU TwT Festival-Oct.2016 from Boston University