Music Collections

The Geddes Language Center Music Collections present an organized and in-depth survey of (mainly) 20th century American musical art and craft. Included are generous helpings of our favorite singers, the best and most important jazz, a mosaic of regional and stylistic genres, and virtually everything officially recorded by the country’s greatest troubadour. Like the national experience it seeks to illuminate, the whole collection was put together by mixing careful design and personal passion with accident and budgetary constraint. A collection of international music rounds out the big picture

American Voices: Significant, well-loved, and representative singers and songs from the last eighty years.

Anthologies: Diverse musical genres, schools, performers, precursors and products, along with speeches, comedy routines and slices of political and social life.

Classical Collection – Available for listening in online, a broad helping of the western canon derived mainly from the syllabi of university courses in opera, Mozart, and the history and appreciation of European music.

International Music: A collection from nearly everywhere; highlights of humanity’s endless and irrepressible capacity for self-ravishment and communal delight.