Policies and Procedures

As we continually strive to provide the best possible service in support of language instruction at BU, please be mindful of the following Geddes Language Center Policies and Procedures.

Lab Use

The Audio and Computer Lab (CAS 537) is open during regular business hours to all BU students. Priority use is given to 1) scheduled classes according to our published weekly schedule, and 2) student drop-in use requiring specific multimedia equipment only available in the Geddes Language Center.

The Faculty Workspace (left side of CAS 537) is open during regular business hours to all faculty and teaching graduate students in Romance Studies and Modern Languages and Comparative Literature on a first come, first served basis.  Students are not allowed in this area at any time.

Student printing in the lab is done via MyPrint, a managed service by IS&T.  See http://www.bu.edu/myprint for more details.  Black and white printing can be picked up at the lab MyPrint station.  Color printing can be picked up in CAS105, the CAS Think Tank.  (Scanning and coping is also available in CAS105.)

Faculty printing can be done using MyPrint or via the printer in the Faculty Workspace.  Faculty using MyPrint will use their IS&T print quota.  Faculty printing to the workspace printer will use a Geddes quota of 500 pages per semester.


Students may checkout materials (video DVDs, mostly) for use in the lab only.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Faculty may checkout materials for in class use.  Faculty wishing to borrow materials for longer than a class period must first obtain the permission of a  staff member to ensure there are no reservations or showings scheduled during the loan period.  Generally we would prefer to stream materials to instructors rather than checking them out for longer than a class period.

Materials may be borrowed for no more than 5 days without prior approval.  Certain Geddes audio and video holdings may be made available online for instructor use with five days notice. 

A BU Terrier ID number must be presented at the time out checkout.  The Center will hold a student ID until the material is returned.  Faculty do not need to surrender their ID, but must present it for scanning.  As a strict policy, we will not accept other forms of ID (drivers licenses, etc.) as we are not able to replace those if lost.  At the discretion of staff, patrons may give their ID number if known in lieu of an ID.


Faculty Reservations for rooms, equipment and services can be made online, by phone, by email, or in person.

For video recording of an event or class, please notify us 3-5 business days in advance.  Staff availability, equipment resources, and purpose all will determine whether we will film a class or event.

For video conversion, duplication and/or processing of any video content, please notify us 3-5 business days in advance so that staffing and resources can be properly allocated.  Please note, fees may apply for services not directly related to a CAS course.

For CAS courses, to reserve the Geddes lab for a class session (DiLL or other purpose), please notify us at least 1 business day in advance.  Please be advised that we only give priority to CAS courses up to 3 days in advance.  We cannot approve computer lab requests made less than 24 hours in advance.

For CAS courses, requests for screening rooms, and all other equipment should be make at least 1 business day in advance. Please be advised that we only give priority to CAS courses up to 3 days in advance.

For non-CAS courses, requests for the Geddes Lab for a class session, equipment, and screening rooms can only be made 72 to 24 hours in advance, as we give priority to CAS courses. For non-CAS events that need a reservation with a longer lead time, please contact the lab at geddes@bu.edu to discuss your request.

Film Screenings/Screening Rooms

Screening Rooms (CAS537A/CAS537C) and the video studios (CAS533B/C) are available by reservation on a first come first serve basis.  Geddes classrooms can be used as screening rooms in the evenings.  Screening Rooms are generally for one time viewings or presentations.  We do not encourage screening rooms to be reserved regularly in lieu of borrowing technology to take to class.

Film screenings are only open to students enrolled in the course for which a film is being screened.

Films purchased by Geddes and the BU Krasker Media Group are not available for film festivals and other non-class related screenings unless public performance rights are purchased.

Streaming of films via Kaltura MyMedia is only available to instructors wishing to screen films in class.

Geddes staff and student workers do not take attendance for screenings.

Streaming of Copyrighted Materials

Geddes can make some films available for a brief period of time via the BU streaming service with the following guidelines:

Geddes may upload a film for instructors to use to prepare teaching materials (for example, making clips) or to stream in a class, with students and faculty present in a classroom.

Streaming a video on a course website is not allowed, as films purchased at Geddes are purchased with a single license, however streaming of clips on a course website is allowed, as long as a playlist uses no more than 10% of copyrighted content.

Streaming a video as part of an event that is open to a public, an audience larger than the members of a course, or to a student group or club is not allowed without obtaining public performance rights.

To request a film be made available, please contact the lab manager with at least one week’s notice.

Please see BU Copyright Policy for more information.

Student Privacy and Consent Policy for Video-Recording.

I. For any class that utilizes video-recording of students involving equipment and/or services of the Geddes Language Center, we request that the faculty member include a brief statement regarding this practice in the course syllabus(choose one of the following, or adapt one to your liking):

A)”This course may occasionally use student video-recording to enhance learning and for assessment purposes.”

B)”This course may occasionally use student video-recording to enhance learning and for assessment purposes. To ensure student privacy, video-recorded content will be prepared by qualified technical staff and will only be shared with the instructor.”

C)”This course may occasionally use student video-recording to enhance learning and for assessment purposes. You will be asked for certain assignments or exams to perform skits or have conversations with other students. The staff at Geddes and the instructor will be the only ones able to access your files, and the instructor will not be publishing the videos to Blackboard for your classmates to view. Unless you speak to the instructor about concerns, the instructor will take willingness to participate in these recordings as consent for the production of these recordings in the first place.”

II. In advance of the request for Geddes staff to arrange for camera use and/or video processing services, we ask that students check off a brief consent form in Blackboardone time at the start of each affected course such as:

“The instructor for this course _______ may require occasional video-recording of students to enhance learning and for assessment purposes. The Geddes Language Center serves the instructional needs of the faculty by occasionally processing and editing digital video files on behalf of the faculty and it is not responsible for the content. The Geddes Language Center also seeks to ensure privacy by making video content available to no one other than the instructor for this course. By clicking “I consent”, I acknowledge receipt of this request to be video-recorded and offer my consent for the above-stated purposes.”

III. Both Parts I & II above are necessary to ensure that students are made aware of the intent to video-record and have given consent to be video-recorded as part of a class or co-curricular activity involving assistance from the Geddes Language Center.

Levels of Services on Supported Technologies

Geddes staff are committed to assisting all faculty in the support of a variety of instructional and productivity tools whenever time permits.

Our student employees provide Tier 1 assistance for check-out of audio and video resources, materials and troubleshooting classroom equipment provided by Geddes.

Full-time professional staff in the Center provide Tier 2 assistance for faculty and staff ranging from troubleshooting classroom equipment, to pedagogical consultation, technology training, media production and materials development.

On classroom equipment, we troubleshoot technical issues in Geddes and a number of non-Geddes classrooms, particularly where Geddes computers have been installed (example CAS 235).

On educational software support, we work in partnership with the support staff in CAS IT and IS & T for specific help and instructional needs involving educational and other technical tools. Primary tools supported by each of these support units are as follows:

Blackboard Learn
Kaltura MyMedia
VoiceThread and Flipgrid
Zoom for online meetings
Audio & video processing, editing, and conversion
Others on a first come, first served basis
Outlook/Exchange Email
Adobe Connect
MS Office
Desktop and mobile computing support
Blackboard Learn
Adobe Creative Cloud
Kaltura MyMedia
Echo360 for lecture capture
Wordpress for Website Development
Google Apps

We welcome you to take full advantage of our services, and look forward to continuing to support your media and instructional needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.