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Fall 2017 Video Acquisitions

By Shawn ProvencalJanuary 19th, 2018

Here is a list of titles that were added to the Geddes catalog between September 1, 2017 and January 18, 2018.

CH 8.568 Out of Phoenix Bridge
CH 8.569 Last Train Home
CH 8.570 Disorder
CH 8.571 Three Sisters
CH 8.572 Hooligan Sparrow
CH 8.573 Petition, Crime and Punishment, Paper Airplane
CH 8.574 Meishi Street
CH 8.575 Searching for Lin Zhao’s Soul

EN 8.601 Midnight in Paris
EN 8.602 A Ghost Story
EN 8.603 Defiant Requiem

FR 2.131 Mystere aux Antilles
FR 8.749 Le combat ordinaire
FR 8.750 Le coeur en braille
FR 8.751 La belle saison
FR 8.752 Patients
FR 8.753 Jardins secrets à Giverny
FR 8.754 Mommy
FR 8.755 Demain
FR 8.756 Fatima
FR 8.757 The Stopover
FR 8.758 Neither Heaven Nor Earth
FR 8.759 As I Open My Eyes
FR 8.760 La Lesbienne Invisible
FR 8.761 Embrasse Moi!
FR 8.762 Tom at the Farm
FR 8.763 Bande de filles
FR 8.764 Naissance des pieuvres

FS 8.025 The Last Supper
FS 8.026 Under the Skin of the City
FS 8.027 Crimson Gold
FS 8.028 Donya
FS 8.029 Offside

GE 8.163 Almanya: Welcome to Germany

HU 8.002 Son of Saul

JA 8.222 Kainan 1890

KO 8.165 Han Gong-Ju

SP 8.305 Mala Mala

TK 8.018 Tulpan

Website update

By Shawn ProvencalJanuary 11th, 2018

On January 3, 2018, we launched a minor update to the Geddes website. The new site is optimized to allow for phone and tablet users to navigate the site. While most of the content has not changed, some pages have been moved for better organization. Please check any links to the Geddes site that you may link to in your course pages.

The website has grown in 20 years:


Geddes Website 1997




Announcing this year’s Geddes Mini-Grant Recipients

By S Mark LewisDecember 13th, 2017

Once again this year, there was a broadly based show of interest in our Geddes Mini-Grants program. This year’s grant recipients include: Hongyun Sun (Lecturer in Chinese) – “Incorporating Topic-Oriented Videos into Business Chinese;” María Datel (Senior Lecturer in Spanish) – “The Madrid Summer Program Promotion Integrated to the Contents of LS 211 and LS 212;” Elena Carrión-Guererro (Lecturer in Spanish) – “Interpersonal Communication, Listening and Presentational Speaking Skills: Authentic Conversations at the Intermediate Level Pilot Project;” and Luluah Mustafa (Senior Lecturer in Arabic and Head of Arabic Language Program) – “Computerized Placement Testing in Arabic.” We look forward to working with each of the grantees as they introduce innovations to language learning at BU using technology.

Reflecting on Geddes Mini-Grants

By S Mark LewisAugust 3rd, 2017

It is exciting to think that since 2015, nine mini-grant projects have been proposed, funded and developed by BU language faculty. See the campus-wide post about last year’s recipients here.

Heritage Languages Workshop

By S Mark LewisMarch 1st, 2017

Join us March 29, 2-4 PM for an interactive workshop led by Dr. María Luisa Parra, Harvard University, entitled “Heritage Languages in the University classroom: Pedagogical challenges and possibilities” RSVP here.

A Ground-Breaking Effort at Recycling

By S Mark LewisFebruary 6th, 2017

Thanks to Alison, our Instructional Services Coordinator, for going to extra effort to ensure that all coffee pods consumed by our faculty, staff, students and friends get recycled. Alison introduced us to the Grounds to Grow On service in late October, and to date we have filled more than four boxes. Kudos!

Seminar in Translation 2016

By Shawn ProvencalJuly 19th, 2016

The ongoing lecture series “Theory and Practice of  Literary Translation” for 2016 have been posted online.

The lectures are avaiulable to anyone with a BU username and Kerberos password, and include:

Christopher Ricks – Beckett’s Translating Himself [01-29-2016]
Lawrence Venuti – Translating J.V. Foix’s Daybook 1918 – The Strangeness of Minority [02-19-2016]
Virginia Jewiss – This Must Be the Place Getting Italian Films to Speak English [02-26-2016]
Robert Pinsky and Luis Alberto Ambroggio – Translated and Translator – Ginza Samba – Poemas Escogidos [03-04-2016]
Irina Mashinski -Translating as the Art of Variations – Russian Poetry and the Myth of Singularity [03-18-2016]
David Hinton – Translating Classical Chinese poetry [04-8-2016]
Michael Emmerich – On Translating The Tale of Genji into Japanese [04-15-2016]
Frederick Ahl and Sarah Ruden – Translating Vergil’s Aeneid – A Conversation [04-22-2016]

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