The Geddes Language Center is a full-service language learning facility operated by four full-time staff members and 10 student work-study assistants. The Center offers over 6500 audiovisual titles; audio, video and computer labs with language learning hardware and software; a/v recording studios; digital production services; training and digital materials development; and classroom equipment. The Center is dedicated to providing an extensive media resource for the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and the Boston University community.

The mission of the Geddes Language Center is to support the teaching and learning of languages, literatures, cultures, and film as faculty introduce new learning modalities and resources, both in the classroom and online. Going forward our professionally trained staff will increasingly cultivate best practices in course re-design using technology while continuing to provide quality instructional support for faculty and students. Our policies and services are guided by the goal to create a comfortable and stimulating facility for Boston University students.

We specialize in supporting the uses of interactive media in a variety of instructional settings, as well as providing a diverse non-print library of audio, video, computer, and other advanced media material.
GLC resources include specially equipped classrooms, studios, theaters, workspaces, laboratories, production facilities and a knowledgeable enthusiastic staff. Materials from our collection are available for in-class or individual on-site use.

From its beginnings as a technical resource of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, the GLC has seen steady growth and now supports the academic missions of many departments, Centers, and administrative units across the University.

As new media and service opportunities develop, the GLC expects to further broaden its production and delivery capacities while maintaining a direct, personalized relationship with its faculty and student users.