Withdrawals and Leaves of Absence

Students who find themselves temporarily unable to make progress toward their degree should consider taking a Leave of Absence. Reasons to take a Leave include, but are not restricted to, family emergencies, illness, maternity/paternity leave, or reserve duty. Please note that you are automatically allowed up to two semesters of Leave. Students should notify both their adviser and the Program Coordinator if they are planning on taking a Leave.  However, the form to request a leave does not require any departmental signatures.

Students who find themselves unable to make progress toward the degree for an extended period of time (longer than one year) may petition for an extended Leave of Absence or may consider withdrawing from the program.

If you should need to take a Leave of Absence or Withdraw from your program you must complete and submit a Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form directly to the GRS office (CAS 112).

Your withdrawal or LOA goes into effect the day the signed request is received in the GRS office.

If you file for a leave of absence before classes start, you are eligible to receive full credit for tuition and fees. Should you need to file for a leave of absence after classes have already begun, you will have your tuition and fees cancelled in accordance with the University Registrar’s refund schedule.

Students who fail to register for two consecutive semesters will be terminated from the program, in line with GRS procedures. Please note that taking a Leave does not count as failing to register.