Placement Outcomes of GDRS (DRTS) Alumni


Stephen Dawson (PMPhD 2005, Social Ethics):

Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA.

Alina-Nicoleta Feld (PMPhD 2005, Philosophy of Religion):

Interim Director of the India Center, Long Island University, NY.

Helena Gourko (PMPhD 2005, Philosophy of Religion):

Adjunct Professor at Merrimack College and Emerson College, MA.

Marwood D. Harris (PMPhD 2005, Religion and Literature):

Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at Roanoke College, Salem, VA.

Peter Heltzel (PMPhD 2005, Theology):

Associate Professor of Theology, Director of the Micah Institute, New York Theological Seminary.

Timothy Knepper (PMPhD 2005, Philosophy of Religion):

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Chair of the Philosophy Department,  Director of the Comparison Project, Drake University, Des Moines, IA.

Louis Komjathy (PBPhD 2005, Religion and Society):

Assistant Professor, Program Director Contemplative Studies, Department of Religion and Theology, University of San Diego.

Christopher Link (PBPhD 2005, Religion and Literature):

Tenure-track Assistant Professor of English at SUNY-New Paltz.

Marjorie L. Purnine (PMPhD 2005, Religion & Literature):

Dean, New York School of Ministry, United Church of Christ.

Jonathan Schwiebert (PMPhD 2005, History of Christianity):

Assistant Professor, Lenoir-Rhyne University, Hickory, NC.

Lauress Wilkins (PMPhD 2005, Biblical and Historical Studies):

Associate Professor, Regis College, Weston, MA.


Joy Lawrence Clark (PMPhD 2006, Religion and Literature):

Instructor, Yakima Valley Community College, Yakima, Washington.

Tomoko Iwasawa (PMPhD 2006, Philosophy of Religion):

Associate Professor at Reitaku University in Japan.

Johannes B. Wich-Schwarz (PMPhD 2006, Religion and Literature):

Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Montclair University, Montclair, NJ ; Tenure- track Assistant Professor of English, Maryville College, St. Louis, MO.


Shawn Arthur (PMPhD 2007, Religion and Society):

Tenure-track position, Assistant Professor of Eastern Religions, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC.

Christina Belogour (PMPhD 2007, Pastoral Psychology):

Reverend Pastoral Counselor, Chaplains & Pastoral Counselors American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts.

Emily Sara Taylor Merriman (PMPhD 2007, Religion and Literature):

Assistant Professor, English in Literature, San Francisco State University; Research Associate, Mt. Holyoke College, Newton, MA.

Laura Miguelez (PMPhD 2007, Philosophy of Religion):

Assistant Professor of Theology, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois.

David W. Montgomery (PMPhD 2007, Religion and Society):

Post-doctoral Research Fellowship, Kroc Institute for International Peace, Notre Dame University ; Post-doctoral Research Fellowship, Emory University.

Echol Nix (PMPhD 2007, Theology):

Associate Professor of Religion, Furman University, Greenville, SC.

Robert Smid (PMPhD 2007, Philosophy of Religion):

Senior Lecturer, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Curry College, Milton, MA.


Nathaniel Barrett (PMPhD 2008, Science, Philosophy, and Religion):

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Pamplona University, Spain.

Brian Clark (PBPhD, History of Christianity):

Instructor, Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT.

Brandon Daniel-Hughes (PMPhD 2008, Theology):

Associate Professor, Religion and Philosophy, John Abbott College, St. Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, Canada.

Sarah Fredericks (PBPhD 2008, Science, Philosophy, and Religion):

Tenure-track position, Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies, the University of North Texas.

Christine Kraemer (PBPhD 2008, Religion and Literature):

Chair of Theology and Religious History, Cherry Hill Seminary.

David Kratz-Mathies (PMPhD 2008, Philosophy of Religion):

Tenure-track position, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, MI.

David Nichols (PMPhD 2008, Philosophy of Religion):

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Saginaw Valley State University, MI.

Joshua Pederson (PBPhD 2008, Religion and Literature):

Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies, Marymount Manhattan College, NY;  Adjunct Assistant Professor, School for University Studies, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY.

Robert Puckett (PMPhD 2008, Religion and Society):

Director of Meetings, American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, GA.

Ruben Rivera (PMPhD 2008, Church History):

Tenured Associate Professor of History at Bethel University, MN.


Eric Baldwin (PMPhD 2009, History of Christianity):

Visiting Assistant Professor at Franklin Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Thomas D. Carroll (PBPhD 2009, Philosophy of Religion):

Two-year renewable position, Founding a Humanities Program, Xing Wei College in Shanghai, China.

Kei Eun Chang (PMPhD 2009, New Testament and Christian Origins):

Pastor, New Hampshire Korean Christian Church, Bedford, NH.

Eric Dale (PBPhD 2009, Philosophy of Religion):

Adjunct Professor, Emerson College, Boston, MA; Adjunct Professor, Fisher College Boston, MA.

Frank Dibert (PMPhD 2009, Counciling Psychology and Religion):

Research Associate, Department of Psychology, Boston University; Practicing Psychologist, Boston, MA.

Catherine Klancer (PMPhD 2009, Religion & Society):

Part-time Faculty, Boston University; Part-time Faculty, Boston College.

Mark Nickolas (PMPhD 2009, Pastoral Psychology):

Clinical and Pastoral Consultant, Hospice, Inc., Boston, MA.

Martyn Oliver (PBPhD 2009, Religion and Literature):

Professorial Lecturer in Philosophy and Religion,  American University, Washington, DC.


Scott Girdner (PMPhD 2010, Islamic Studies):

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.

Han-Kyung Kim (PMPhD 2010, Theology):

Senior Research Fellow at International Theological Institute, Seoul, South Korea.

Joshua Reeves (PBPhD 2010, Science, Philosophy & Religion):

Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Heyendaal Program on Theology and Science, Radbound University, The Netherlands; Adjunct Professor, Eastern Kentucky University.

Kristen Remington Lucken (PMPhD 2010 Religion & Society):

Lecturer in Sociology and International Global Studies, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

Richard Peters (PMPhD 2010, Science, Philosophy & Religion):

Lecturer, College of Religious Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand.

Eric Severson (PMPhD 2010, Theology):

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Division Chair of General Education,  Co-Director of the Center for Responsibility and Justice,Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, MA.

Peter June-Young Sun (PMPhD 2010, Religion & Society):

Upper School History & Social Studies Teacher, the Bullis School,Potomac, MD.


Sean Dempsey (PBPhD 2011, Religion and Literature):

Visiting Assistant Professor of English, University of Arkansas.

William Patton Dodd (PBPhD 2011, Religion and Literature):

Author; Editor-in-Chief of On Faith, the Washington Post

Sara Jay Hart (PBPhD 2011, Religion and Literature):

Professor, Humbolt Sate University, Arcata, CA.

Cristine Hutchison-Jones (PBPhD 2011, Religion and Society):

Administrative Director, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA.

Joseph Laycock (PMPhD 2011, Religion and Society):

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, University of Texas, San Marcos.

Cristian Onofrei (PMPhD 2011, Counseling Psychology and Religion)

Practicing Psychologist, Watertown, MA.

Aimee Radom (PMPhD 2011, Counciling Psychology and Religion):

Post-Doc, Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion, New York, NY.


Paul S. Cassell (PBPhD 2012, Science, Philosophy, & Religion):

Post Doctoral Fellow in Science and Religion, Center for Jewish Studies, Arizona State University.

Charles Demm (PMPhD 2012, Theology):

Adjunct Instructor of Religion, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Cecile Desmond (PMPhD 2012, Counciling Psychology and Religion):

Post-Doctoral Fellowship, the Trauma Center, Brookline, MA.

Hee-Kyung Kim (PMPhD 2012, Theology):

Adjunct Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Lowell Campus.

Doug Tzan (PBPhD 2012, History of Christianity):

Assistant Professor, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC.


Yoo-Yun Cho-Chang (PMPhD 2013, Counseling Psychology and Religion):

Lecturer, Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA.

Matthew Pierce (PBPhD 2013, Islamic Studies):

Tenure Track Instructor of Religion at Centre College, Danville, Kentucky

Emily Ronald (PMPhD 2013, Religion and Society):

Lecturer, Boston University

David Scott (PMPhD 2013, History of Christianity)

Pieper Chair in Religion and Servant Leadership, Ripon College, WI.


Ingrid Anderson (PMPhD 2014, Judaic Studies)

Lecturer, Boston University

Kate Holbrook (PMPhD 2014, Religion and Society)

Specialist in Women’s History for the LDS Church History Department

Onaje X. Offley Woodbine (PMPhd 2014, Psychology of Religion)

Faculty, Phillips Academy Andover