PhD Dissertations by GDRS (DRTS) Alums

Listed by Specialization (updated 8/31/2015)

Counseling Psychology and Religion (formerly: Pastoral Psychology)

“Hinduism and Attitudes Towards Unwanted Sexual Contact: An Exploratory Study of Second Generation South Asian American Hindus” (2014) by Anjuli Harvey. Professor Linda Barnes

“The Conceptualization of Religion in a Purposely Selected Sample of Female to Male transsexuals: An Exploratory Study Using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis” (2012) by Ruben Hopwood. Professor Linda Barnes

“The Moderating Role of Religious Coping in the Relationship Between Perceived Racial Discrimination and Mental Health- Depression- of Korean American Christians” (2012) by Yoo-Yun Cho-Chang. Professor Phillis Isabella Sheppard

“Distinguishing Mystical Religious Experience From Psychotic Experience in the Presbyterian Church (USA)” (2012) by Susan L. DeHoff. Professor Mary Elizabeth Moore

“Spiritual Growth and Decline after Trauma: the Mediating Role of Benevolence Beliefs” (2011) by Cecile Gunn Desmond. Professor Christopher Schlauch

“Do Religious Conservatives and Religious Liberals Think Differently? An Exploration of Differences in Cognitive and Personality Styles” (2011) by Aimee Self Radom. Professor Brian McCorkle

“The Rorschach Perceptual-Thinking Index in a Seminar of Greek Orthodox Seminarians” (2010) by Cristian Onofrei. Professor Christopher Schlauch

“Mindfulness, Compassion, and the Nature of Self: A study of Vipassana Meditation in Context” (2009) by Frank Dibert. Professor Christopher Schlauch

“Fostering Social Support and Compassionate Love in the Greek Orthodox Church Through Small Groups” (2008) by Markos Achilles Nickolas. Professor Carole Bohn

“Female Clergy and Attractiveness: The Impact of Social Context on Both Gender and Pastoral Identity” (2006) by Christina Belogour. Professor Christopher Schlauch

“Creativity and Religious Experience: A Correlational Study.” (2004) by Ann Sherman Clarke. Professor Carole Bohn

“A Prevention Program for Adolescent Substance Abuse” (2004) by Jennie Ruth Gould. Professor Carrie Doehring

“Religious Faith and Stress Among Healthcare Providers of the Elderly” (2004) by George Henry Grant. Professor Carrie Doehring

“Bereavement and Grief Related to a Significant Death: a Psychological and Theological Study of Attachment Styles and Religious Coping.” (2003) by Melissa M. Kelley. Professor Carrie Doehring

“The Relationships Between Images of God, Self-Esteem, and Spiritual Well-Bing: A Study of Roman Catholic Women” (2003) by Mary Lynne Mack. Professor Carrie Doehring

“Failures Unmended: A Pastoral Psychological Study of a Tragic Vision of Evil in the Writings of DW Winnicott.” (2002) by Gerald David Williams. Professor Christopher Schlauch

“Relating Different Types of Christian Prayer to Religious and Psychological Measures of well-being.” (2001) by Robert Cox. Professor Carrie Doehring

“The Use of Religious Resources in Response to Anti-Homosexual Religious Attitudes and Behaviors” (2001) by Edouard Thomas Fontenot. Professor Carrie Doehring

“Abortion and Loss: A Psychological and Theological Study of Religious Coping, Forgiveness, and Grief” (2000) by Emily Geoghegan. Professor Carrie Doehring

“Redescribing Relationships in Christian Spiritual Direction Using Winnicott’s Psychoanalytic Object Relations Theory,” (2000) by Douglas Hardy. Professor Christopher Schlauch

“Correlating Religious and Psychological Factors in Wife-battering: a Study of Battering and Non-Battering Siblings” (2000) by Ronald Hindelang. Professor Carrie Doehring

“Shame, Images of God and the Cycle of Violence in Adults who Experienced Childhood Corporal Punishment” (1999) by Jeanette Anderson Good. Professor Carrie Doehring

“A Kind of Religious Coping: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Consolation in the Lutheran Tradition” (1999) by Leonard Hummel. Professor Christopher Schlauch

Psychology of Religion

“The Power of Social Practice: African American Street Basketball and Embodied Spirit” (2014) Onaje X. Offley Woodbine. Professor Stephen Prothero

History of Christianity

“Enzinas to Valera: Motives, Methods , and Sources in Sixteenth-Century Spanish Bible Translation.” (2014) by Peter W. Hasbrouck. Prof. Christopher Brown

“‘An Army of Such Ladies': Mary Magdalene in the Era of Reformation” (2014) by Margaret Arnold. Professor Barbara Diefendorf

“Love Sex, and Marriage in the Global Mission of Walter and Ingrid Trobisch” (2013) Anneke Stasson. Professor Dana Robert

“The Crossroads of Earth and Heaven: Methodism’s Malaysia Mission and the Making of the Global World, 1885-1915″ (2012) by David William Scott. Professor Dana Robert

“‘Root Hog or Die:’ William Taylor, Entrepreneurial self-sufficiency, and the Global Spread of an American Frontier Christianity” (2012) by Douglas Tzan. Professor Dana Robert

“The Quest for a New Reformation: Re-Making of Religious Perceptions in the Early History of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions to the Ottoman Near East, 1820-1870” (2010) by Bilal Ozaslan. Professor Dana Robert

“Religion and the American Industrial City: Protestant Culture and Social Transformation in Lowell, Massachusetts, 1824-1890” (2009) by Eric Baldwin. Professor David Hempton

“The Contentious Birth of Wesleyan Methodism, 1738-1741: Gender, Charism, and Sectarian Division” (2007) by Brian C. Clark. Professor David Hempton

“Alberto Rembao (1895-1962): Mexican American Protestant For Internationalism and Catholic Holism” (2007) by Ruben Rivera. Professor Dana Robert

“Methodist Preaching in New England, c. 1790-1850: The Armenian Message on Calvinist Soil” (2006) by Jonathan D. Cooney. Professor David Hempton

“From Vow to Ring: Celibacy and Marriage in Luther’s Theology” (2002) by Dong Joo Kim. Professor Carter Lindberg

“The Legions of Good Will: The Religious Culture of Protestant Pacifism: 1918-1963” (2001) by Patricia F. Applebaum. Professor Stephen Prothero

“The Politics of the Faithful: The Theology of the Cross, and the Right of Resistance in the Theology of Martin Luther; With Specific Reference to the Magdeburg Confession of 1550” (1999) by David Mark Whitford. Professor Carter Lindberg

Islamic Studies

“Muqatil Ibn Sulayman: A Neglected Figure in the Early History of Qur’anic Commentary” (2014) by Achmad Tohe. Professor Kecia Ali

“Remembering the Infallible Imams: Narrative and Memory in Medieval Twelver Shi’ism” (2013) by Matthew O. Pierce. Professor Kecia Ali

“Reasoning with Revelation: The Significance of the Qur’anic Contextualization of Philosophy in Al-Ghazali’s Mishkat Al-Anwar (The Niche of Lights)” (2009) by Scott Michael Girdner. Professor Kecia Ali

“Developments in Muslim Jurisprudence in 20th Century Indonesia” (1999) R. Micheal Feener. Professor Merlin Swartz

Judaic Studies (Including Hebrew Bible)

“Desecrated Covenant, Deprived Burial: Threats of Non-Burial in the Hebrew Bible” (2014) by Frances Dora Mansen. Professor Kathe Darr

“Making Ethics ‘First Philosophy': Ethics and Suffering in the Work of Emmanuel Levinas, Elie Wiesel and Richard Rubenstein.” (2013) by Ingrid Anderson. Prof. Steven Katz

“The Elijah-Elisha Cycle of Stories: A Ring Composition” (2013) by Michelle L. Bellamy. Professor Katheryn Pfisterer Darr

“The Book of Lamentations and the Social World of Judah in the Neo-Babylonian Era.” (2005) by Lauress Wilkins. Professor Simon Parker

“The Book of Jonah and a Reframing of Israelite Theology: A Reader-Response Approach” (2003) by Rev. Timothy R. Koch. Professor Katheryn Pfisterer Darr

“The Significance of the Divine Speeches in Job 38-41” (2003) by Keun-Jo Ahn. Professor Simon Parker

“The Relationship of Judah and Joseph in Genesis 49” (2001) by Kristin Swenson-Mendez. Professor Simon Parker

Philosophy of Religion

“Inheritance and Legacy: A Phenomenological Exploration” (2015) by Giacomo Leoni. Prof. Ray Hart

“Kabbalah and Neo-Confuciansim in a Comparative Perspective” (2014) by Yair Lior. Professor John Berthrong

“Fideism and Wittgenstein’s Ethic of Perspicuity” (2008) by Thomas Donald Carroll. Professor Alan Olson

“Hegel, History, and Evil: Towards Finite Theodices” (2008) by Eric M. Dale. Professor Alan Olson

“Mysticism, Contextualism, and Community: A Communitarian /Pragmatic Epistemology of Mysticism” (2007) by Cecil Theodore Cole, Jr. Professor Robert Neville

“Comparing Comparisons: An Analysis and Appraisal of Methodologies of Cross-Cultural Comparison from the American Pragmatist and Process Philosophical Traditions” (2007) by Robert Smid Professor Robert Neville

“Mourning with the Earth: Heidegger’s Confrontation with Greek Tragedy” (2007) by David Nichols. Professor Alan Olson

“The Dialects of Tama in Japanese Religious Experiences” (2006) by Tomoko Iwasawa. Professor Alan Olson

“The Use of Scripture in Nietzsche’s Zarathustra” (2006) by Laura C. Miguelez. Professor Alan Olson

“How to Say What Can’t Be Said: Techniques and Rules of Ineffability in the Dionysian Corpus” (2005) by Timothy Knepper. Professor Wesley Wildman

“The Concept of Acedia-Melancholia and the Life of its Symbolic Presentiments” (2005) by Alina N. Feld. Professor Ray Hart

“The Evil of God: Post-Christian Lamentations at the End of Theodices” (2005) by Ioan Dorin Igna. Professor Ray Hart

“Divine Onomatology: Naming God in Imyaslavie, Symbolism, and Deconstruction” (2005) by Helena Gourko. Professor Alan Olson

“The Reconstruction of a Mother’s Religious Worldview After the Death of her Infant Child” (2004) by Micki Pulley. Professor Robert  Neville

“The Aporia of Inner Sense in Kant and Fichte” (2004) by Garth Green. Professor Ray Hart

“The German Gita: the Reception of Hindu Religious Texts within German Romanticism” (2004) by Bradley L. Herling. Professor John Clayton

“Heidegger’s Disciplines: The Project of Fundamental Ontology and the Practice of Hermeneutic Phenomenology in Being and Time” (2004) by Omar Bozeman. Professor Daniel Dahlstrom

“Mystical Vision and Prophetic Voice in Saint John of the Cross: Toward a Mystical Theology of Final Integration” (2003) by Cristobel Serran-Pagan. Professor Herbert Mason

“The Liberal Dilemma in Formulating a Fundamental Political Principle: Political Unanimity and Non-Political Diversity” (2003) by Jenn-Chyun Mark Shieh. Professor Alan Olson

“On the Nonsense of Religion: A Study of the Relation of Logic to Religion in Wittgenstein’s Early Work With Implications for Theology and Philosophy of

Religion” (2001) by James Mark Lazenby. Professor Robert Neville

“A Theological Comparison of Yulgok’s Concept of Cheng and John Wesley’s Concept of Love” (2001) by Hyun Gyum Kim. Professor Robert Neville

“The Context of Being: Heidegger’s Critique of Kant, Schelling, and Hegel” (2001) by Craig Nichols. Professor Alan Olson

“The Human Experience of Resistance, Difficulty, and Aporia: Its Yield for Thought” (2001) by Jared Jenisch. Professor Ray Hart

“Buddhist Discourse in Traditional Vietnam” (2001) by Dung Ngoc Duong. Professor M. David Eckel

“T.S. Eliot’s Theology of Style” (2000) by Christopher Wilkins. Professor Christopher Ricks

“Deficient Existence in a Divine World: Ontological Deficiency in the Metaphysics of John Scotus Eriugena” (1999) by Douglas W. Hadley. Professor Ray Hart

Religion and Literature

“Pious Designs: Theological Aesthetics in the Writings of George Herbert and the Ferrars of Little Gidding” (2013) by Regina L. Walton. Professor Peter S. Hawkins

“The Superhero Afterlife Subgenre And Its Hermeneutics For Selfhood Through Character Multiplicity” (2012) by Aaron David Lewis. Professor Bryan Stone

“‘Go To Joseph; What He Says To You, Do.'; Interpreting Joseph’s Authority Through The Lens of Direct Speech” (2011) by Rebecca Rhee. Professor Katheryn Pfisterer Darr

“Culture War Christian Characters: Visions of Fundamentalism in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema” (2010) by William P. Dodd. Professor Susan Mizruchi

“Romantic Investiture: Formations of the Secular in British Romanticism” (2010) by Sean A. Dempsey. Professor Ray Hart

“Sacramental Materialism: Don DeLillo’s Catholic Cultural Heritage” (2010) by Sara J. Hart. Professor John Hart

“American Gnosis: The Literary Afterlife of a Heresy” (2008) by Joshua T. Pederson. Professor Susan Mizruchi

“A Thousand and One Nights and the Construction of Islam in the Western Imagination” (2008) by Martyn Oliver. Professor Stephen Prothero

“Beyond the Fringe: Alternative religion and Sexuality in American Culture Since 1960” (2008) by Christine Hoff Kraemer. Professor Stephen Prothero

“’Whatever’: God as Absent Presence in the Poetry of Geoffrey Hill, Derek Walcott, and Charles Wright” (2007) by Emily Taylor Merriman. Professor Peter S. Hawkins

“Dante’s Virgil: A Poet’s Type of Exile” (2006) by Joy Lawrence Clark. Professor Peter S. Hawkins

“Transformations of Language and Religion in Rainer Maria Rilke” (2006) by Johannes Wich-Schwarz. Professor Peter S. Hawkins

“Rivers of Ecstasy: Henry Miller’s Affair with religion” (2005) by Thomas Nesbit. Professor Susan Mizruchi

“Therapeutic Pieties: Sentimental Prescriptions for Surviving Loss in Mid-Nineteenth Century America” (2005) by Marjorie Purnine. Professor Susan Mizruchi

“Biblical Fictions: Modern Short Stories That Retell Biblical Narratives” (2005) by Marwood Larson-Harris. Professor Peter S. Hawkins

“The Virtue of Devils: Vladimir Nabokov’s Phenomenology of the Demonic” (2005) by Christopher A. Link. Professor Ray Hart

“Sustaining Fiction: Intertextuality, Midrash, Translation, and the Literary Afterlife of the Bible” (2002) by Lesleigh Cushing. Professor Michaeal Zank

“Louis-Ferdinand Celine’s Relation to Christian Thought and Belief” (1999) by Eric R. Lorey. Professor Carter Lindberg

“Sign, Art, and Ritual: Moses Mendelssohn on Language and Religion” (1999) by Leah Hochman. Professor Michael Zank

Religion and Society

“Sacral Socio-Ecological Labor: Theories of Catholic Social Thought and Engaged Buddhism in Complementary Practice” (2015) by Hyungkyu Lee. Professor John Hart

“Habits of the Hearth: Parenting, Religion and the Good Life in America” (2015) by Kevin Taylor. Professor Nancy Ammerman

“Radical Food: Religion, Class and Alimentary Utopianism in the Nation of Islam, the Catholic Worker Movement, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1930-1970)” (2014) by Kathleen Holbrook. Professor Stephen Prothero

“Alternatives to Monism and Dualsim: Seeking Yang Substance with Yin Function in Heshanggong’s Commentary on the Daodejing” (2013) by Misha Andrew Tadd. Professor Christopher Lehrich

“Religion, Book Groups and the Social Inflection of Reading” (2013) by Emily Ronald. Professor Nancy Ammerman

“The Church and the Seer: Veronica Lueken, the Bayside Movement, and the Roman Catholic Hierarchy” (2011) by Joseph Peter Laycock. Professor Stephen Prothero

“Reviling and Revering The Mormons: Defining American Values, 1890-2008″ (2011) by Christine Hutchison-Jones. Professor  Stephen Prothero

“Evangelical Fruits and Confucian Roots: Ethnicity and Religous Identity in Korean American Congregations” (2010) by Peter June-Young Sun. Professor John Berthrong

“Identity Matters: Bosnian Identity Maintenance in a Post-Migration Setting” (2010) by Kristen Lucken. Professor Peter Berger

“The Virtue of Humble Authority in Saint Thomas Aquinas and Master Zhu Xi” (2009) by Catherine A. Hudak Klancer. Professor John Berthrong

“Ye Shall Be Free From Slavery: The Concept of Freedom In Contemporary WICCA” (2008) by Robert Puckett. Professor Frank Korom

“The Transmission of Religious and Cultural Knowledge and Potentiality in Practice: An Anthropology of Social Navigation in the Kyrgyz Republic” (2007) by David William Montgomery. Professor Adam Seligman

“Orthodoxy Beyond the Walls of the Church: A Sociological Inquiry into Orthodox Religious Experience in Contemporary Russian Society” (2006) by Inna Naletova. Professor Peter Berger

“Ancient Daoist Diets for Health and Longevity” (2006) by Shawn Arthur. Professor Kohn

“Cultivating Perfection: Mysticism and Self-Transformation in Early Quanzhen Daoism” (2005) by Louis Andor Komjathy III. Professor Livia Kohn

“A Facsimile of Grace: The Protestant Basis for Order in the Early American Republic” (2004) by Stephen Michael Dawson. Professor Adam Seligman

“Religion and Collective Identity: A Comparative Study of the Roman Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia” (2004) by Slavica Jakelic. Professor Adam Seligman

“How the Power Dynamic in Business Organizations and the Culture of Fear Contribute to the Gap Between Ethics and Morality in Business Practice” (2003) by Annabel Constance Beerel. Professor Jensine Andresen

“Raising the Morning Star: A Social and Ethnographic History of Urban Dani Christians in New Order Indonesia” (2001) by Charles Farhadian. Prof. Dana Robert

New Testament and Christian Origins

“Paul’s Therapy of the Soul: A New Approach to John Chrysostom and Anti-Judaism.” (2015) by Courtney Wilson Van Veller. Professor Jennifer Knust

“Paul’s Use of Part-Whole Rhetoric of To Sympheron in 1 Corinthians” (2009) by Kei Eun Chang. Professor James Christopher Walters


“The Dialectic Theology of Carl Schmitt’s Reman Catholicism and Political Form” (2015) by Theresa Cooney. Professor Michael Zank

“Reason Turned into Sense: John Smith on Spiritual Sensation” (2014) by Derek Anthony Michaud. Professor Ray Hart

“Beyond the Dichotomy of Faith and Reason: German Idealism, Philosophy of Religion, and the Modern Idea of a University” (2014) David Larson. Professor Ray Hart

“John E. Smith as Pragmatic Philosophical Theologian” (2011) by Charles Demm. Professor Robert Neville

“Dialectical Harmony of Self and Other: Implications of Philosophical and Religious Anthropology for Social Justice and Fundamental Ethics” (2011) by Hee Kyung Kim. Professor Wesley Wildman

“Levinas and Time” (2010) by Eric Severson. Professor Shelly Rambo

“Hiddenness of God’s Action in History: A Theology of Providence Inspired by Karl Barth” (2010) by Han Kyung Kim. Professor Wesley Wildman

“The Future of Inquiry: Charles Peirce, Naturalism, and the Symbols of the Christian Eschaton”(2008) by Brandon C. Daniel-Hughes. Professor Wesley Wildman

“The Relation of Faith and History in Ernst Troeltsch’s Die Absolutheit des Christentums und die Religionsgeschichte and Robert Neville’s Theory of Religious Symbols: Two Methodologies for Discerning Christian Normativity” (2006) by Echol Nix, Jr. Professor Robert Neville

“Fragments of the Divine: A Protestant Interpretation of Creation As a Broken Symbol” (2005) by Peter Heltzel. Professor Wesley Wildman

“The Reconstruction of Mothers’ Religious Worldviews After the Death of an Infant Child.” (2004) by Mickey Pulley-King. Professor Robert Neville

“An Exploration of the Idea of Rhythm in Metaphysics and Christian Theology” (2003) by Loye Ashton. Professor Robert Neville

“Perfecting Grace: Holiness, Human Being, and the Sciences” (2003) by Mark Mann. Professor Robert Neville

“Ultimate Human Transformation: Liang-Chih in Wang Yang-Ming and the Imago Dei in John Calvin” (2002) by Seok Hwan Hong. Professor Robert Neville

“Does Not Nature Itself Teach? Biotechnology and Natural Law in a Theology of Nature” (2002) by Rolf T. Bauma. Professor Wesley Wildman

“God’s Preferential Option for the Poor: A Study of Liberation Theology and Metaphysics” (2002) by Andrew Irvine. Professor Ray Hart

“The Economy of Cosmic Power: A Theory of Religious Transaction and A Comparative Study of Shangqing Daosim and the Christian Religion of Augustine of Hippo” (2000) by James Miller. Professor Robert Neville

“A Trinitarianism of Interreligious Engagement: The Thought of Roman Pinikkar and its Contribution to Christian Theology of Religions” (2001) by Robert Miles Park, Jr. Professor Robert Neville

“A Study of the Writing of J.R. Graves (1820-1893) As An Example of the Nature and Function of Absolutes in Religious Symbol Systems” (2001) by Michael Henry Bone. Professor Robert Neville

“Nonduality and Ecstasy: Sankara and Tillich on Theological Anthropology” (2001) by John Thatamanil. Professor Robert Neville

“Knowing that One Knows: The Buddhist Doctrine of Self-Cognition” (2001) by Yao Zhihua. Professor M. David Eckel

“Jonathan Edwards’ Theology: The Spirit of the Trinity” (1999) by Rachel Stahle. Professor Robert Neville

“Discerning Spirits: a Pentecostal-Charismatic Contribution to Christian Theology of Religions” (1999) by Amos Yong. Professor Robert Neville

Science, Philosophy, and Religion

“Theology, Tragedy, and Suffering in Nature: Toward a Realist Doctrine of Creation” (2014) by Joel Daniels. Professor Wesley Wildman

“A Semiotic and Emergent Theory of Religious Communities” (2011) by Paul Cassell. Professor Wesley Wildman

“From Method to Practice: A Critique of Two Models for Relating Science and Religion” (2009) by Josh Andrew Reeves. Professor Wesley Wildman

“The Spontaneity of Nature and Human Experience” (2007) by Nathaniel Barrett. Professor Wesley Wildman

“Environmental Ethics Across Worldviews: A Critique of Sustainable Energy Development Indexes” (2007) by Sarah Fredericks. Professor Wesley Wildman

Social Ethics

“A Defense of Naturalism Against Alvin Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism” (2010) by Richard Peters. Professor Robert Neville

“Common Grounds without Foundations: A Pragmatic Approach to Ethical Disagreements across Cultural, Philosophical, and Religious Traditions” (2007) by David Kratz Mathies. Professor John Berthrong

“Religion and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility and the Corporate Withdrawal Movement from Burma” (2003) by Lisa Allen. Professor Chai-Sik Chung

“A Comparative analysis of the Men and Religion Forward Movement and Promise Keepers” (2000) Larry Dean Allen. Professor Chai-Sik Chung