Jewish Studies Symposium

  • All Day on Sunday, October 27, 2013
The Bible has a firm place in the western canon and college humanities. But is the Bible a Jewish text? What other Jewish texts may help us challenge our students to open their minds and confront the complexities of the human condition? Must a moral ideal, such as prophetic messianism or the prohibition of idolatry, shed its particularity in order to become a universal maxim? What is the relation between Jewish literary traditions and western civilization? Join us for a discussion and textstudy symposium with leading scholars from BU and other distinguished institutions to explore these questions and more. Panelists: Invited Panelists Boston University Prof. Alicia Borinsky (Romance Studies) Stephen Esposito (Classics; Core Curriculum) Prof. David Frankfurter (Chair, Religion Dept.) Prof. Abigail Gillman (MLCL; Core Curriculum) Prof. Diana Lobel (Religion) Prof. Stephanie Nelson (Classics; Director, Core Curriculum) Visiting Lecturers Prof. Lesleigh Cushing (BU Alumna; Colgate University) Prof. Robert Gibbs (University of Toronto) Prof. Susannah Heschel (Dartmouth College) Prof. Leah Hochman (BU Alumna; University of Southern California) Prof. Naomi Seidman (Graduate Theological Union)
147 Bay State Road, Room 201

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