History of Christianity

Dana Robert, Coordinator
745 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
T: 617.353.3054
E: drobdan@bu.edu

The program is designed to provide a broad overview of the history and thought of World Christianity as well as to train specialists for careers in a clearly defined area. A hallmark of the program is faculty commitment to the complementarity of intellectual, social, and cultural history.

The program intends to train students to read historical literature critically, and to write history according to rigorous standards of method and style. To initiate this purpose the program offers all entering students a proseminar on historiography that examines interpretive and theoretical literature on the nature and purposes of historical material that focuses on classical texts on the History of Christianity from Augustine to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Program strengths include Reformation studies, early Modern and Modern European Christianity with particular concentrations on Germany and the British Isles, Christianity in America, and the history of Christianity of modern missions and non-Western Christianity. Faculty in other departments in the University and in the Boston Theological Institute also work in the History of Christianity, and students are urged to become familiar with their offerings and to pursue interdisciplinary work.

Degrees offered: Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy

Faculty: Clifford Backman, Barbara Diefendorf, Paula Fredriksen (Emerita), Deeana Klepper, Richard Landes, Stephen Prothero, Dana Robert