Ancient Christianity, Origins to Late Empire

David Frankfurter, Coordinator
145 Bay State Road
Boston, MA 02215
T: 617.353.4431
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Students entering this field should have completed a range of courses in some combination of the following areas: Hellenistic history, literature, religions, and/or philosophy; Roman history and religions; Jewish history and literature, from the Second Temple period through the early Byzantine period; rabbinic literature; Biblical studies; Mediterranean archaeology of the appropriate period(s). Some acquaintance with interdisciplinary interpretation (literary criticism, social anthropology) is also useful. Ideally, students will enter with at least one ancient language (usually Greek) and one modern research language (usually either French or German) well established, with the understanding that advanced research will entail more language work as well.

Degrees offered: Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy

Faculty: Katheryn Darr, Paula Fredriksen (Emerita) , David Frankfurter, Wolfgang Haase, Jonathan Klawans, Jennifer Knust, Stephen Scully, James Walters, Zsuzsanna Varhelyi

Announcing a  Graduate Fellowship in Ancient Christianity at Boston University

The Department of Religion at Boston University announces a new doctoral fellowship to support students working in Ancient Christianity, Origins to Late Empire. Its provisions include full tuition plus a stipend of $19,800 every year for five years. The student will be eligible to assist in teaching only in the third year, after her or his completion of qualifying exams. Please direct inquiries to Professor David Frankfurter,