Science, Philosophy, and Religion

Wesley Wildman, Coordinator
745 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
T: 617.353.3033

This program provides an academic setting for advanced studies in the philosophy of religion and philosophy of science, as well as in mathematics and one or more of the natural sciences, with a view to developing professional competency in the interdisciplinary area defined by the relationship of philosophy, religion, and the sciences. Graduate students in this specialization have access to courses offered by the School of Theology, the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Mathematics and relevant departments in the sciences. In addition, there are unique opportunities offered by the Boston University Institute for Philosophy and Religion, the Boston Center for the Philosophy and History of Science, and surrounding Boston schools.

Degrees offered: Doctor of Philosophy (no Master of Arts offered)

Faculty: Alisa Bokulich, Catherine Caldwell-Harris, John Hart, Deeana Klepper, Robert Neville, Jon Roberts, Alfred Tauber (Emerita), Wesley Wildman