Psychology of Religion

Chris Schlauch, Coordinator
745 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
T: 617.353.4395

This is a post-masters non-clinical degree for those who plan to teach in colleges, serve as chaplains in colleges and universities, coordinate programs where religion and psychology interact, or do research and writing in the psychological approach to religious experience and behavior. The main purposes of the specialization are to provide an intellectual context for considering a wide variety of approaches to the conceptualization of personality, culture, and religious development; to offer an understanding of the dynamics of religious experiences and their implications for a wide range of self-world modes; to provide an opportunity to relate the disciplines of religious studies and psychological studies in meaningful and creative ways; and to offer guidance in planning, conceptualizing, researching, and writing on problems and issues generated by the religion/psychology interface.

Degrees offered: Doctor of Philosophy (no Master of Arts Degree Offered)

Faculty: Chris Schlauch