Visiting Us

147 Bay State Road

Boston University
Graduate Division of Religious Studies (GDRS)
145 Bay State Rd., Boston, MA 02215
T: 617-353-4427

Students planning on applying for graduate study in the Division are not required to visit or interview.  However, a visit can help acquaint students with the intellectual and social atmosphere of both the University and the Division.

Before you arrive, we suggest you first look over the areas of specialization, known as Tracks, that we offer in the Division. Under the titles of each of the Tracks you will find a description of programs as well as links to the affiliated professors. You should email our professors directly if you are interested in meeting them or sitting in on one of their class during your visit.

You may also want to visit with our administrators if you specific questions about the admissions process, financial aid, and any general questions about attending the GDRS.

Please email our Program Coordinator Ryan P. Sullivan before you stop by so that we might help you make the most of your visit.

You are welcome to visit the School any time the University is open. The University is closed at night, on weekends, for all national holidays, and between Christmas Eve Day and New Year’s Day. The University is open during the summer; however please note that the Division does not offer any classes during the summer terms.