Karyna Do Monte Explores the African Diaspora Religion of Candomblé

KarynaKaryna Do Monte presented her research on Candomblé and ecology at the Harvard Symposium on Healing and Wholeness in Africa and the Americas which was held April 13, 2012.  Her presentation was also published as an article titled “Candomblé and Sacred Earth Healing in the Rio de Janeiro Carnival” in the Journal of Africana Religions Volume 1, Number 3, 2013.

Candomblé is a  Yoruba religion and is practiced primarily in Brazil.

Karyna’s article offers positive ways that sacred healing and wholeness are constructed by Diaspora communities as well as a critique of various intellectual structures and categories of definition and distinction used in Diaspora Studies. She calls for expansion of Diaspora studies to better include Lusophone and Francophone communities and discusses her research on the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval in the context of Candomblé and earth healing.

Great work Karyna!

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