Recent PhD recipient earns acclaim, tenure track position at Centre College

Matthew.Pierce_Bu.159367The year 2013 is turning out to be a good one for soon to be GDRS (DRTS) alum Matthew Pierce.  In February, he successfully defended his dissertation  “Remembering the Infallible Imams: Narrative and Memory in Medieval Twelver Shi’ism.”  However, even before he was officially bestowed the title of Doctor of Philosophy, Pierce had made a name for himself at Centre College in Kentucky where he currently serves as a Visiting Instructor of Religion.  The college spotlighted his unique January term class “Rap, Rock and Religion in America” in a news story on its home page.  Pierce describes this course as challenging students to think about the “… process of constructing meaning in our own lives is often done outside the parameters of conventional, institutional religions.”  In May, Pierce will officially graduate from Boston University and in the fall will be back teaching at Centre in his new tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of Religion.

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