Global Development Economics

Picture of a Dam Being Built in Africa

The Global Development Economics (GDE) program is designed for those seeking rigorous training in economics supplemented by training in the related disciplines of politics, international relations, public health, and environmental issues. The GDE provides an intensive three-semester program combining a strong foundation in economics with development policy training.

The economics core of this program is identical to that required of students taking the MA in Economics. In addition, the GDE includes a set of economics elective courses which focus on various aspects of development issues and the global economy. Candidates for the GDE will also join students from the GDP program in taking courses in Governance and Political Economy, Environment and Development, International Public Health, and a capstone seminar.

The program is intended for students interested in a career in the economic development of lower and middle income countries and in transition economies, including working as policy analysts and decision-makers in government, nonprofit institutions, international organizations, and the private sector.