Anita Milman

“Modernization and Climate Adaptation: The Politics of Human Security in (a Globalizing Ethiopia)”

Date: Thursday, February 28
Time: 12:00 to 1:30 pm
Location: Eilts Conference Room (Room 203), 154 Bay State Road

Picture of Anita Milman

It is clear that we need a climate adaptation policy agenda that is sensitive to the special political, social, and ecological circumstances of highly vulnerable regions, most of which are located in the African Sahel. A focus on vulnerable regions is especially urgent in light of recent scholarly debates around the role of climate change in instigating social conflict in this region.

Join guest speaker Anita Milman (Department of Environmental Conservation – University of Massachusetts Amherst) as she discusses the paradigmatic case of Gambella in Ethiopia, a region that lies near the bottom of many development indices, but has also been the site for recent efforts to reduce climate vulnerability through village and agricultural modernization programs.

Professor Milman’s research is focused on environmental governance in the context of global change. She is particularly interested in how adaptation to climate change in the water sector is influenced by institutional structures, the socio-political-cultural lenses used in interpreting information, and the need to make decisions and act under uncertainty.