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From Bogotá to Banjul: Discussing COVID-19 in Latin America and Africa

By Maureen Heydt As the COVID-19 pandemic continues apace in Latin America and Africa, an expert panel of BU alumni was convened by the Global Development Policy Center to discuss the effects of the virus in these regions and what measures the regional development banks have taken to mitigate the crisis and work toward a […]

Markets, Leverage, or Linkages: Using Dependency Theory to Assess China-Latin America Ties

By Victoria Chonn Ching In a recent presentation as part of the Fall 2020 Global China Research Colloquium, Professor Barbara Stallings asked how do Latin American relations with China differ from relations with the United States. Based on research from her latest book, Dependency in the Twenty-First Century? The Political Economy of China-Latin America Relations, […]

Accepting Applications: Pre/Post-Doctoral Fellowship – Global China Initiative

Boston University’s Global Development Policy Center is seeking a pre-doctoral and/or post-doctoral fellow for research projects on energy and climate change policy in the GDP Center’s Global China Initiative. The position offers the opportunity to work with a collaborative team of other pre- and post-doctoral researchers and leading experts, new databases, and interdisciplinary projects. The […]

What the IMF World Economic Outlook Reveals About Venezuela and the World

By Maria Santarelli More than one million lives have been lost due to COVID-19 since the start of the year. The global pandemic overwhelmed national health systems and strained supply chains, leaving important marks on the socio-economic fabric of society. Nothing has been left untouched by COVID-19. In the latest World Economic Outlook (WEO), published […]

China’s Global Power Database – Launch

Join the Global Development Policy Center for the launch of the China’s Global Power Database, an interactive mapping of all of China’s overseas power projects by lender, type of deal, CO2 emissions, status, technology and capacity. Kevin P. Gallagher, Cecilia Han Springer and Xinyue Ma will present the database, discuss its main findings and policy […]

Global China Research Colloquium: Does China Offer Bailouts?

As part of the Fall 2020 Global China Research Colloquium, James Sundquist will present on whether or not China gives bailouts. James is a doctoral candidate at Yale University and a Global China Fellow with the Global Development Policy Center. STARTS: 9:00 am on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020 ENDS: 10:00 am on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020 […]

Forestry, Agriculture, and Indigenous Rights in the Belt and Road Initiative

As part of the Fall 2020 Global China Research Colloquium, Dr. Rebecca Ray, Dr. Hongbo Yang, and Dr. Blake Simmons will present on forestry, agriculture, and indigenous rights in the Belt and Road Initiative. Dr. Ray is a Senior Researcher and Dr. Yang and Dr. Simmons are Post-Doctoral Research Fellows at the GDP Center. STARTS: […]