GDP Center Hosts Book Launch: Emerging Powers in the International Economic Order

On Thursday, November 7th, the GDP Center held a book launch for Sonia E. Rolland and David Trubek’s new book, Emerging Powers in the International Economic Order. The book launch consisted of an introduction of the book by Rolland, followed by commentary from Northeastern Professor, Dan Danielsen, and a video call from Richard Kozul-Wright, Director of the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies. 

View the recording of the talk:

Rolland argues that future of the economic trade lies towards “a pluralists regime for international economic order.” She explains that the current system doesn’t work for emerging powers. It is too contingent on the market access of particular countries.  The limitations have caused developing countries to react in three different ways: attempt to leave those systems with long lasting effects, redraft the agreements, or create innovative negotiations. Rolland explains that as these emerging powers are beginning to innovate and utilize a more flexible system, the rest of the international economic order should evolve with them.

Sonia E. Rolland writings focus on the legal framework for sustainable and socio-economic development in international economic law. Her research interests include public international law, international trade law, international environmental law and energy regulation. Through the exploration of different subject matters, she examines the intersection of legal regimes to improve the understanding of an increasingly multi-layered international and transnational legal order.

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