Opportunities at BU

The Student Activities Office (SAO) helps students do what they love, whether planning events, finding fresh interests, or creating a new group.

Phone: 617-353-3635   Email: sao@bu.edu

    The Community Service Center (CSC) offers many opportunities to Boston University students and affiliates to make a difference in Greater Boston, including our 13 service programs and numerous one-time events.

    Phone: 617-353-4710   Email: csc@bu.edu

    We offer an unmatched variety of academic and internship programs in more than 30 cities on six continents. Every year, students from Boston University and over 150 other colleges and universities nationwide enjoy the opportunity to study language, liberal arts, fine arts, science, business, engineering, or pursue an internship. Our job is to help students realize their dreams to study and intern abroad.

    Phone: 617-353-9888 Email: abroad@bu.edu

    The Department of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance at Boston University offers a multitude of diverse, student-oriented programs. There are over 100 physical education classes, intramural sports, and thirty-two club sports. In addition to offering a wide variety of instructional programs and courses, the Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance provides numerous facilities for Open Recreation.

    Phone: 617-358-3740

    The envisioned mission of Marsh Chapel is to be a heart for the heart of the city and a service in the service of the city. Marsh Chapel harbors a non-fundamentalist expression of faith.

    Phone: 617-353-3560   Email: chapel@bu.edu