Seats are still available for the November 14th Mindfulness and Mindsets workshop on the Medical Campus

BU Faculty & Staff are invited to a November 14th workshop on the Medical Campus that explores how using mindfulness to alter our mindsets can positively affect our health, performance and well-being. This free, one-hour workshop will introduce the science of mindsets and the pioneering work of Harvard psychology professor, Ellen Langer, in using mindfulness to alter mindsets.

Lunch is included. Registration is required. Go to the BU Employee Wellness website to register:

If you are unable to attend this workshop and would like to speak with someone about enhancing your mindfulness, contact us at  or 617-638-5381 to schedule a free and confidential appointment.



Try a Mindfulness Meditation Podcast

Jon Hanc of The New York Times recently wrote an interesting article about a mindfulness awareness sessions, hosted by the Hammer Museum in California and conducted by instructors from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. The article, which you can read here discusses the benefits of the program, and mindfulness meditation in general.  The sessions are captured as podcasts, so if you are not in Los Angeles but want to learn how to practice mindfulness, you can.

For other mindfulness resources including apps and websites, please see our Mindfulness Resources page.

If you would like to learn about mindfulness and meditation, feel free to contact us for a free confidential appointment:

Charles River Campus-617-353-5381

Medical Campus- 617-638-5381