About FSAO

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What is the Faculty & Staff Assistance Office?

The Faculty & Staff Assistance Office (FSAO) is the free and confidential employee assistance office for Boston University.  We offer employees of Boston University and their families counseling, resources, and referrals for a variety of work-related and personal issues.

What does the FSAO do?


At your appointment, a counselor will sit down with you to learn about your problem and may ask questions to clarify and understand the nature and scope of your issue. The counselor will give you a summary of the counselor’s impressions and make some recommendations about what might be helpful.

Brief Treatment:

You may meet with the clinician for up to 6-8 sessions to identify some strategies to address your problem, try them out, and attempt to resolve the issues. You might also meet with the counselor until a good referral plan is developed.


You and your counselor will discuss recommendations, which may include a referral to an experienced professional in the community.   The counselor may contact a community professional to ensure their availability to you, eliminating the need for you to contact multiple providers.

Crisis Intervention:

You, your family or your work group may need a more urgent response from FSAO if there has been a crisis such as an accident or illness. The FSAO will be available quickly to respond to the situation.

Is this service confidential? Will my coworkers or supervisor be notified of my visit to the office?

The Faculty & Staff Assistance Office maintains the confidentiality of all clients. As with any counseling/referral service, exceptions are made only in cases of a signed release, danger to one’s self or others, or child/elder abuse and/or neglect. If it is in your best interest, the counselor may ask you to sign a release of information so that he or she can speak on your behalf to a supervisor, medical provider, or family member. Otherwise, no one will know you have used the service unless you disclose that information yourself.

Who is eligible to receive services at the FSAO?

Any full or part-time Boston University employee and their family members are eligible to receive services at the FSAO. It is not necessary for the employee to be present at the appointment for a family member to receive service at the office.

How much does it cost to use the office?

All services at the FSAO are free of charge.

What kind of problems can the FSAO help with?

Work and Personal Concerns.

For more information please see Services.