Kitchens in Nineteenth-Century Paris: Material Cultures of Cooking in Public & Private, with Kyri Claflin


Kyri Claflin is lecturer in Gastronomy at Metropolitan College. She recently co-edited Writing Food History: A Global Perspective, with Peter Scholliers. Dr. Claflin is the author of numerous articles including “La Villette: City of Blood (1867–1914),” in the book Meat, Modernity and the Rise of the Slaughterhouse, and “Les Halles and the Moral Market: Frigophobia Strikes in the Belly of Paris,” in the Oxford Symposium volume Food & Morality.


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  • Kyri Claflin (Presenter)
    Kyri Claflin is a lecturer in Gastronomy at Metropolitan College.
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Meets at Boston University: 808 Commonwealth Ave., Demonstration Room, Room 117 at 6:00 pm on Thursday, November 07, 2013 (1 meeting)

  • Thursday, November 07, 2013