Chris Douglass


Chef of Icarus and Ashmont Grill

Courses Taught

From Acorn to Zucchini: A Squash Harvest Meal, with Chris DouglassPresenter28 October, 2014
Mushrooms, Safe Foraging, Delicious Cooking, with Susan Goldhor and Chris DouglassPresenter28 October, 2013
An Authentic Pig Roast at the Ashmont GrillPresenter14 July, 2013
Mushrooms: Safe Foraging, Delicious CookingPresenter05 March, 2012
An Evening at Ashmont GrillPresenter12 April, 2011
"Polentonissimo!" At TavoloPresenter16 March, 2010
Autumn in New England with Chris DouglassPresenter01 October, 2009
Sustainable Harvest Dinner with "Green" ChefsPresenter27 October, 2008