Mary Ann Esposito


Host of PBS's "Ciao Italia"

Courses Taught

Homemade Italian, The Ciao Italia Way, with Mary Ann EspositoPresenter07 November, 2014
One Basic Dough, Many "Pastabilities," with Mary Ann EspositoPresenter21 March, 2014
Classic Italian Dishes, with Mary Ann EspositoPresenter18 October, 2013
Family Classics, with Mary Ann EspositoPresenter23 October, 2012
Special Treat: A Hands-On Cooking Class with Mary Ann EspositoPresenter14 May, 2012
A Dinner with Mary Ann EspositoPresenter01 December, 2011
A Ciao Italia Cooking Lesson with Mary Ann EspositoPresenter10 November, 2010
Ciao Italia: Five-Ingredient Favorites with Mary Ann EspositoPresenter18 March, 2010
Food and Wine of Piedmont and the VenetoPresenter07 March, 2009
No Such Thing as Italian FoodPresenter15 November, 2008
So You Want To Have A Cooking Show...Presenter29 October, 2008
Ciao Italia: Slow and Easy with Mary Ann EspositoPresenter03 December, 2007