Jackson Cannon


Acclaimed mixologist and bar manager of Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks

Courses Taught

Hot Drinks at The Hawthorne, with Jackson CannonPresenter23 January, 2014
The Cocktail Hour: Tips for Home Entertaining, with Jackson Cannon at the HawthornePresenter30 April, 2013
Bar and Bar Food at The Hawthorne LoungePresenter20 September, 2012
Vermouth - The Soul of Wine with Jackson CannonPresenter05 December, 2011
Island Creek Oyster Bar with Jeremy Sewall, Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli, and Skip BennettPresenter08 March, 2011
Cocktails and the American Imagination: Great Writers, Their Characters, and Iconic CocktailsPresenter06 December, 2010
Cocktails and "Coastal Cuisine" with Jackson Cannon and Jeremy SewallPresenter12 April, 2010
The Art and Science of Old Time Cocktails What Early Americans imbibed Relates to the Modern Flourishing Bar Culture of Today with Jackson CannonPresenter16 November, 2009
Summertime Cocktails with Jackson CannonPresenter04 May, 2009
Champagne CocktailsPresenter17 November, 2008
Prohibition CocktailsPresenter20 October, 2008
Classic Bartending TechniquesPresenter22 September, 2008
History of the Cocktail with Jackson CannonPresenter11 February, 2008