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Culinary Arts 30th Anniversary Gala: celebrating Jacques Pépin

The Jacques Pépin Foundation

The Foundation was formed in June, 2016 by Jacques Pépin and his closest family to translate Jacques’ inspirational love of cooking, mastery of classic technique, and renowned teaching ability into action that benefits people disenfranchised from the workforce.

Vision Statement

Enrich lives and build stronger communities through the power of culinary education.

Mission Statement

The Jacques Pépin Foundation promotes Jacques’ generosity and passion for cooking by supporting individuals that seek, and organizations that create pathways to success through culinary professionalism, skills, and technique.

What We See

  • Millions of people are unemployed with no specific skills for entering the workforce
  • There is a desperate shortage of workers in the food service industry
  • Education beyond high school takes many forms. Skills and technique training in the culinary arts provides access to jobs
  • Culinary skills training improves not only employability, but self-reliance, confidence, and health

What We Do

  • The JPF is committed to supporting the teaching of culinary skills for employment
  • We partner with existing organizations to improve their visibility and effectiveness
  • We are seeking opportunities to improve and expand culinary training through community-based organizations