Picture of the Season


Winter 2017-2018

winter picture
Using infrared photography, we can see the thermal convection patterns that arise at the surface of this bath of rubbing alcohol.
(video by Mark Menesses)

Summer 2017

summer picture
An illuminated mist allows for the visualization of air movement in the vicinity of a launched jet drop.
(Photo by Noha Yehia)

Spring 2017

spring picture
Small bubbles form on an experimental apparatus as the water in our tank degases. (Photo by Mark Menesses)

Winter 2016-17

A photograph of a grey duck feather. A water drop beads up on the feather, illustrating natural superhydrophobicity. Air plasma irradiation of the feather changes it from being superhydrophobic to superhydrophilic. A scanning electron microscope image reveals the interlocking barb and fin fiber micro-texture that is responsible for the natural superhydrophobicity of the feather. (Photo by Samira Shiri)

Fall 2016

fall picture
A water balloon is caught rupturing after impact. (Photo by Alex Oratis)

Summer 2016

summer picture
Scanning electron microscopy reveals the microstructure of a nasturtium leaf. (Photo by Samira Shiri)

Spring 2016

bubble leaf
A bubble ruptures on a nasturtium leaf, resulting in several jetting drops. (Photo by Elena Flynn)

Winter 2015-16

oil drop
A thin layer of silicone oil momentarily prevents this drop of water from coalescing with the bulk fluid. (Photo by Gregoir Dequidt)