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Consider this your club’s to-do list.

Below you will find the Club Sports Handbook and other policies. If you have question or need clarification on any of our policies, please contact your advisor as soon as possible.

In addition, you’ll see all of the BU Club Sports forms that your club may need to submit throughout the year. Most forms can be submitted electronically (via an online form or email submission), but some must be filled out and delivered by hand to the Club Sports Business Office (CSBO).


  • Club Sport Handbook¬†
    All players should be advised to read through the Club Sports Handbook. Remember, some polices may change throughout the year, so please check back to this page for initial guidance on managing your team.
  • Club Sports Van Travel Policies
    All Club Sports participants should read the policies for using and traveling in Club Sports vans.
  • Babcock Street/Langsam Garage Parking Guidelines (coming soon)
    All van drivers should familiarize themselves with these parking guidelines.


    • Standards of Conduct Form
      All Club Sports members must complete the Standards of Conduct Form to participate.
    • Official Team Roster
      The roster should be completed and kept up-to-date by each team. Please resubmit to both your advisor and Athletic Training if you are adding or removing anyone to/from this roster.
    • Athletic Training Consent to Treatment
      To be completed by every club sport athlete and submitted to the Athletic Training office along with your up-to-date team roster.
    • Deposit Form
      Complete and deliver to the CSBO along with your deposit.
    • Check Request Form
      Complete and submit to your advisor. Must be accompanied by proper backup documentation (W9, quote, official league/tournament communication, referee payment form, etc).
    • Purchase Request Form
      Complete and submit (along with quote) to your advisor. Please remember, there is a 10-day deadline on purchase requests.
    • Online Payment Request Form
      Submit this form if your team wishes to collect money via MyFitRec.
    • Cash/Travel Advance Form
      Complete and submit to your advisor via email or in person at the CSBO. Please remember, there is a five-day deadline on cash advances.
    • Van Request Form
      Complete and submit this form to The Club Sports Office will make every effort to accommodate your request; however, please note that PERD van usage is in high demand and we may not be able to accommodate all requests.
    • Travel Itinerary Form
      Complete and submit to your advisor via email, or deliver to the CSBO when picking up van keys.
    • W-9 Form
      This form is to be completed by new vendors and submitted either directly to your advisor by the vendor, or along with your Purchase Order or Check Request Form.
    • Official/Referee Payment Form
      To be completed by game officials and a team representative and submitted to the CSBO along with the Check Request Form and a W-9.
    • Facility Request Form
      Complete and submit this form to your advisor via email two weeks or more prior to hosting an event in which participants are nonmembers of the University.
    • Design Request Form
      Complete and submit this form to your advisor (not to Kris Covarrubias as it says on the form) when your team needs something designed from our department artists (such as tickets)



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