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Located on the Cambridge side of the Charles River, the DeWolfe Boathouse is a state-of-the-art facility and an ideal place to sharpen your rowing skills or to learn to row. Rowing is an excellent aerobic exercise that will improve muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and agility. Not to mention the positive mental benefits of beginning or ending your day on the Charles River in fresh air and sunshine.

Rowing and sculling classes are offered in the early morning and evening during the summer and fall, while indoor rowing training is offered in the off-season. The DeWolfe Boathouse provides an invigorating environment for rowing against the backdrop of the beautiful Boston skyline.

Masters Rowing

Come join us on the river in April! This class will involve rigorous workouts as well as an emphasis on skill development. Eight oared shells will be used with some use of a four oared shell when necessary. A review of safety and operating procedures will be a part of this course, and a coxswain will be provided this spring. Prerequisite: experience in Intermediate Rowing or beyond, and participants must have passed the BU Boating Swim Test within the past 5 years.  Boating Swim test information is below.


Boating Swim Test

The Boating Swim Test is required for all outdoor rowing classes and may be taken during open swim hours at the Competition Pool at FitRec. Upon passing the Boating Swim Test, a BU Boat Test Card will be issued. This card is valid for five years and must be presented to your rowing instructor at the first class. The test includes the following components:

  1. Jump or dive into the pool and swim 5 yards/3 body lengths underwater.
  2. Surface and continue swimming 100 yards, demonstrating rhythmic breathing (freestyle or breaststroke).
  3. Touch the wall, move away, and tread water for 2 continuous minutes.
  4. Float on your stomach without sculling or kicking for 1 minute, turning only your head to breathe.


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