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Dance the night away (or the morning or afternoon).

Sure, it’s a great for aerobic conditioning, muscle toning, and shaping up. But if you love dance as we do, it’s all about the creative expression, the art form, the music, and the pure joy of movement. Whatever your passion, from salsa to hip-hop to ballet, you’ll find a recreational dance class to indulge and develop it. We even have a state-of-the-art Dance Theater and Rehearsal Studio designed just for dance. If you’re a student interested in performance or choreography, join our Dance Theatre Group or consider our dance minor program.

Summer fun and footwork for kids and teens

FitRec has two unique summer programs for young dancers. Kids in grades 4 through 8 love our two-week Swimsport Dance Arts Camp. And for teens, there’s Reach—a wonderful blend of professional instruction, performance, and service to the Boston community.

Ballet or belly dancing?

We’ve got them both. Sign up for a dance class now.

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Dance minor

Study with our dance instructors and discover the beauty of dance as an art.

Study dance at Boston University

LIghts, camera, choreography

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