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Intramural Policies

All participants should review the Intramural Policies below which contain the guidelines under which intramural sports operate. They ensure play is equitable to all teams and participants. Team captains should review the policies prior to participation and direct any questions to


Team Registration Instructions

For the vast majority of intramural sports, you must have a team in order to register. Forming your own team is the only way to ensure you get to play that season. If you have a team, proceed
below to the “team registration instructions”. If you cannot form a team, please scroll down to the “Free Agents” section for more information.

Team Registration Instructions

1. Submit your team fee online via MyFitRec (click Adult Programs –> Intramural Registration) after registration opens and before the deadline for that sport (or before registration fills). Submitting payment will hold your team’s spot in the league as long as you finish the process below…
NOTE: If you wish to pay for more than one team in the same sport (i.e. one open soccer team and one co-rec soccer team) you will need to have a different person submit payment for each team. Since the system was built originally for class registration it does not allow someone to register for the same thing twice.
2. After submitting payment – download the roster form from that sport’s specific page.
3. Complete your roster form by filling in ALL fields and saving it as a WORD document. Then email it as an attachment to prior to the deadline listed for that sport. Please use this email address only for roster submission. Any/all other IM Sports questions should be submitted to
NOTE: Rosters must be typed – no handwritten rosters will be accepted. Teams who fail to submit a completed roster prior to the deadline will not be scheduled in the league and will not receive a refund. Additional players above the minimum can be added during the season.
4. When we receive your roster, it will either be accepted or rejected based on completeness. If we inform you that your roster is accepted, you are all set (proceed to step 5). If we inform you that your roster is rejected, we will inform you why and you must RESUBMIT the roster form. Due to the very high volume of rosters we receive, we do NOT keep incomplete rosters on file. Fix the error and RESUBMIT the roster form before the deadline for that sport.
NOTE: Once we have your accepted roster form, you may contact us to change information on it ONLY PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE FOR THAT SPORT (i.e. if you stated on your form you could play on Tuesday nights but no longer can, you have until the deadline to inform us of that correction).
NOTE: Also once we have your accepted roster form, the only way to add players to your team is at a regular season game via a roster add form that you can get from the on-site supervisor.
Please do not contact us via email with roster additions.
5. Each team must then send one representative to the captains meeting for their sport (date/time/location posted on the page for each IM sport). Teams who do not send a representative will forfeit the right to request schedule changes that season and will be unable to veto schedule changes proposed at the meeting itself.

League/Division Descriptions

Leagues and divisions offered for each sport can be found on that sport’s specific roster form. Please note that in accordance with recommendations from the Office of Civil Rights in the U.S. Department of Education, individuals participating in Intramural Sports may do so in accordance with their gender identity, should that be relevant, regardless of any medical treatments. Non-binary students are encouraged to participate in the league(s) in which they find most suitable. We encourage any and all students to contact Scott Nalette, Manager of Intramural and Club Sports, prior to competing if questions exists.

League Definitions:

Open: A league made of teams comprised of individuals of either gender with no restrictions

Co-Rec: A league made of teams comprised of individuals of both genders with restrictions. During games, teams must field an equal number of individuals of each gender (i.e. 3 men and 3 women in 6v6 soccer). In the case of a team with an odd number (i.e. 5 on 5 basketball) the difference represented on the field must be no more than 1 more of either gender (i.e. 2 men and 3 women or vice versa)

Women’s: A league made of teams comprised of individuals identifying only as female

Division Definitions:

“AA”: Stands for “Above Average”. Typically teams signing up for this division are looking for a higher level of skill/competition

“A”: Stands for “Average”. Typically teams signing up for this division are looking for a more recreational level of play as compared to “AA”

League/Tournament Structures

Our sports function in leagues unless otherwise designated as a tournament. Teams are scheduled into leagues with a four or five game regular season with the possibility of playoffs. Each team plays approximately one game a week in the evening or on the weekend. Open, Women’s, and Co-Rec leagues are available in most sports and teams chose their ability division (“A” = Average or “AA” =Above Average) based on the experience level of team members. Many of our leagues have team limits and fill fast so registering well before the listed deadline is always advised. Tournament structures are typically dependent on the number of teams/individuals who register. The exact structure will be explained at each tournament’s captains meeting. Refunds for team entry fees may only be requested prior to the listed deadline for that sport.

The days/times that a sport is offered can be found on that sport’s roster form (found on the specific sport page)


All players in fall/spring leagues must be current Boston University students with a Terrier Card, or BU faculty/staff who hold a valid FitRec Center Membership (for sports held in the FitRec Center). Alumni are not allowed to participate in spring and fall programs; however they are allowed to participate in summer leagues. Eligible individuals who do not possess a FitRec Membership may purchase an IM Membership which gains them access to the building for their specific game times. Please see below for more information on the IM Membership option.

Within any one sport, each person may play for a maximum of two teams under the following conditions: Individuals identifying as male may play for a maximum of one “open” team AND one “co-rec” team. Individuals identifying as female may play for one co-rec team AND one “women’s” or one “open” team. A team found using ineligible players may be ineligible for further play during that season. It is the team captain’s responsibility to determine the eligibility of his/her players. Players may be added to the team roster anytime through the team’s last regular season game. New players must fill out a roster addition form with the Intramural Supervisor prior to their first game.

To be eligible for playoffs, players must be either on the original roster, or have been added at a regular season game (via a roster add form) at which they were present and planned to participate. Club sport team members may participate in their corresponding Intramural sports. An IM team can only have two members of the corresponding sport represent their team on any given night. This means that a team may have more than two club members on their roster, as long as only two come to any one game. People who have competed professionally in their sport are not eligible to compete at the intramural level.

Captains Meetings

Captains meeting date/time/location information can be found on that sport’s specific page. Captains meetings are held to discuss league rules and program policies, as well as answer any questions that people may have. The penalty for a team not sending a representative to the captains meeting (does NOT have to be the captain if the captain is unavailable) is the forfeiture of the right to request schedule changes for that season/tournament.

Roster/Roster Additions

After paying for your team online, each captain must submit a completed roster form with all required information by that sports listed deadline. Each sport requires a minimum number of players to be listed on your initial roster, but teams may add as many players as they would like throughout the season. To add players to your roster after you have submitted it, simply bring those players to any one of your teams games and ask the student supervisor for a “roster add” form. Once you add a player once via this form they are officially on your team and do not need to be added again at future games. Please note that it is the captain’s responsibility to ensure that all players added to his/her team are eligible. Please see the section above for eligibility guidelines.

IM Memberships

Non-FitRec member BU students/faculty/staff who wish to participate in an Intramural Sports league that takes place in FitRec have the option of purchasing an IM Membership. This option gains a non-FitRec member access to the building during their scheduled game times for the current semester. To purchase, visit MyFitrec and under Adult Programs, click “Intramural Registration” and submit payment for “Intramural Membership”. After registering, please e-mail with your team’s name and sport in which you are playing. Players will not receive swipe access but will check in at the FitRec front desk prior to their games.

Please note that this membership option is for participation in Intramural Sports ONLY. Players will be allowed entry into the building roughly 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their game and will be expected to leave the building in a timely fashion after its completion. Individuals who abuse this policy will be subject to building use violations including but not limited to a fine, forfeiture of membership, and potential Intramural team repercussions.


Forfeits are detrimental to the program and to your team’s participation. Team captains are responsible for making sure their teams play as scheduled. At the discretion of the Intramural Supervisor, any team not prepared to play within five minutes after the designated game time shall forfeit the contest to their opponent. Captains are urged to notify IMSports if their team is unable to make a scheduled game. Efforts will be made by the league coordinator to reschedule the game if sufficient notice is given, however, this does not guarantee games can be rescheduled. Notification must be sent to with sufficient time to allow us to notify the other team to avoid paying the $10 forfeit fee. If a team is required to pay the fee they will be notified via e-mail. Forfeit fees must be paid online and ARE NOT ACCEPTED AT THE GAME SITE.

To pay your forfeit fee, please head to MyFitrec and select “Intramural Registration” under the “Adult Programs” tab – then “Forfeit Fee”. A team may be dropped from the league unless this fee is paid within two working days of the forfeited game. Two (2) forfeits will lead to automatic removal from the league. If a team forfeits a game, the winning team will receive a result equal to the mercy rule for that specific sport (i.e. a soccer forfeit would net the winning team a final score of 7-0). If a team forfeits more than one contest and must be removed from the league, all results associated with this team are removed from the standings and any remaining games they had on the schedule are cancelled. Only results from teams still in the league will be used in the standings.


The Code of Student Responsibilities presupposes that there will be civility and respect for others within the University community at all times. Students violating the Code are subject to disciplinary action by the Office of Judicial Affairs. Any verbal or physical abuse to another person is inappropriate and will not be tolerated. The Intramural Supervisor will deal with any players, captains, or spectators who violate good sportsmanship. Disciplinary action may include ejection from the game, forfeiting the game, suspension from Intramural activities, and if necessary, further disciplinary action from the office of Judicial Affairs. Please note that taunting and/or baiting another player in an attempt to draw them into an altercation is handled in the same manner as an actual altercation.

Teams need to be aware that there is a sportsmanship evaluation system in place throughout all Intramural activities. The student supervisors and officials evaluate the sportsmanship of teams based upon fair play, attitude, language, “trash talking,” and overall demeanor toward opponents and Intramural Staff. Evaluations begin the moment a player, coach and/or fan enters the playing arena and concludes when they make their final exit after their game. These evaluations are also based on the conduct of a team’s fans. The rating system ranges from zero (meaning totally unacceptable), to 4 (meaning excellent conduct and sportsmanship). In order for teams to make the playoffs, teams are required to maintain a minimum average of 3.0 (meaning average conduct and sportsmanship). Intramural Officials and Supervisors are students who are providing an important service for Intramural participants.

Free Agents

If you cannot find enough people to make a team, you can submit your information to be included on the BUIM Free Agent list. This list will be viewable by all, either to find others who are looking to make a team before the registration deadline, or by captains who are looking to add players to their team after the registration deadline. Please be aware that we here at BU IM Sports will not be personally forming teams from this list, this is simply a forum for people who want to play to find each other and form teams themselves. It is the responsibility of those on this list to contact each other and discuss the possibility of creating a squad prior to the registration deadline.

To add yourself to the list, simply click here to access the online form. (Please be aware that your name, email address, and other information you choose to include will be viewable by any and everyone who accesses this list).

To view the free agent list, please click here.

If you wish to be taken OFF this list please contact As always, if individuals are unsuccessful in forming their own team, they are more than welcome to attend the captains meeting to attempt to land on a team.

Ejected Players

Players ejected from any Intramural contest may lead to future suspensions or bans from participation in Intramural Sports. Communication for a simple (1 game) suspension will go through the team captain. Coaches and/or captains are responsible for making sure that all members of their team are eligible. Ejected players participating without having been reinstated subject their team to forfeit any game in which they have participated. Any offense warranting a longer suspension will require an in office meeting with the Manager of Intramural Sports and any intramural employees involved in the incident.


Only official protests concerning eligibility of a player or misinterpretation of a playing rule will be accepted. No protests based on judgment of an official will be considered. Rule interpretation protest must be made on the field in the presence of the officials and student supervisor at the time of the disputed play and before play is resumed. If the situation is not resolved at the time of the protest on the field, it is the responsibility of team captains, game officials, and the sports supervisor to note the EXACT situation at the time of a protest. Then it must be submitted by the team via e-mail to by 10:00am the next day to be official. Eligibility protests should be raised at game time, but a formal protest must be made by the team captain by 10:00am the day after the contest if the situation is unable to be resolved at the game sight.


In leagues with playoffs, teams will be notified prior to the season as to how many teams from each league/division will advance. The bracket will also be available for viewing at the start of the season so that teams can plan ahead as to when their playoff games might fall. When tiebreakers for entry into the playoffs must be used, BUIM follows some general guidelines in each sport.

Most of our leagues are structured such that two tiebreakers will satisfy the vast majority of situations where teams win percentages are the same. The tiebreakers are (in order) head to head, and season score differential (or average if tied teams did not play the same amount of games). In the case of a three-way tie (where A beat B, B beat C, and C beat A), the tie is broken using the season score differential of all three teams. In the case of a three-way tie where one of the three teams beat the other two involved in the tiebreaker, that team would advance based on head-to-head (and head to head would be used to compare the other two teams involved if they played each other during the regular season). When calculating season score differential, a win-by-forfeit (wbf) is calculated as a mercy rule win for that team (i.e. 7-0 in soccer, 12-0 in softball, etc.). Only results from teams still in the league will be used in the standings/season score differential.

There is always the possibility of a league/schedule requiring further examination for playoff seeding (usually seen in leagues of 7). To be safe, never assume your team will be advancing and always play your best! Additional tiebreakers (in order) would be: Head to Head point differential (amongst teams who are tied – differs from season point differential as it does not factor in the contest a against teams not involved in the tie) Points For (total points scored over the course of the season – differs from point differential as it does not factor in points scored against any team involved in the tie).

Participant Safety/Drugs And Alcohol

Intramural programs offer individuals the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities at selected skill levels. Generally, contests for each team are held once a week for the duration of one hour. There have been few complications due to involvement in intramural programs, but the possibility exists for encountering problems related to exertion and physical activity such as (but not limited to) muscle strain, bone fractures, light-headedness, heart attacks and strokes. It is recommended that each participant have a physical exam by a physician prior to participation in any type of exercise program, and that participants be in appropriate physical condition for their selected activity. Furthermore, participants are required to abide by eligibility guidelines and the game rules of their sport for their own protection. Each Intramural participant enters the Intramural program willingly and at their own risk. There is also to be no use of any tobacco product at any Intramural event. There is to be no consumption of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs before, during or after any Intramural event or while present at any Boston University facility; this includes participants, coaches, fans, etc. Intramural staff will have the authority to prohibit participation if they have probable cause that a person is under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. Persons not abiding by these rules may face suspension from Intramural activities as well as disciplinary action taken by the Dean of Students.

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