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If you like sports and are looking for a fun on-campus job, working as an intramural official might be the job for you! Make no mistake about it though, this job is tough. We refer to this as “the hardest job on campus,” but those who like a challenge, working hard, and utilizing problem solving and interpersonal skills find this can also be one of the most fun jobs on campus.

Any students interested in learning more about becoming an Intramural Sports official should plan to attend the General Officials Meeting. The General Officials Meeting will take place on Sunday, September 11 at Noon in the BU Student Theater. The Student Theater can be accessed via the walkway between FitRec and Agganis Arena.


At this meeting we will discuss the job in detail and answer any questions that people may have. For paperwork purposes we ask that you bring your driver’s license, as well as your social security card or birth certificate (a passport will also suffice). Please contact us at with any questions.

The Official of the Month is an individual who has shown dedication and devotion to work as an official for IM Sports. His or her performance, coupled with a desire for self-improvement and helping others to improve, separates the Official of the Month from the rest of the pack.

The job of the official is often one that goes unheralded, but it truly is the hard work of these fine individuals that make Intramural Sports fun, safe, and exciting for all who participate. Congratulations to this year’s Officials of the Month!

September – 2015

John Bonavita – Flag Football

Carlos Syquia – Outdoor Soccer

Official of the Year
2014-2015: Frank Brogie
2013–2014: Ricky Gomes
2012–2013: Peter Fitzgerald
2011–2012: Chris Lane
2010–2011: Larry Kozakowski
2009–2010: Luciano Fraioli
2008–2009: Paul Christensen

Dennis McNichol Distinguished Service Award
2014-2015: Paige Sparks
2013–2014: Jenesis Jones
2012–2013: Reena Clements
2011–2012: Chris Lane
2010–2011: Alex Honza
2009–2010: Stefan Bolea
2008–2009: Leo Gameng

Veteran of the Year
2014-2015: Danny Phillips
2013–2014: Mike Kolesnik
2012–2013: Tommy Troschuetz
2011–2012: James Jelavich
2010–2011: Nick Wendel
2009–2010: Ken Chu
2008–2009: Kevin Tomaszek

Rookie of the Year
2014-2015: Vince Vazquez
2013–2014: Anthony Dellacamera
2012–2013: Joe Simeone
2011–2012: Teddy Tehrani
2010–2011: Parker Neiman
2009–2010: Chris Lane
2008–2009: Adam Chovan

Spring 2015 Officials of the Month
Marco Buchmayer – 5 on 5 Hoops
Zach Genirs – Broomball
Max Izotov – Indoor Soccer
Max Eberhardt – Indoor Soccer
Frank Brogie – 5 on 5 Hoops
Kevin Robitaille – Broomball

Fall 2014 Officials of the Month
Vincent Armond Vasquez – Flag Football
Dereck Fagundes – Outdoor Soccer
Aadesh Modi – 3 on 3 Hoops
Andrew Filipek – Hockey
Ryan Durando – Flag Football
Max Eberhardt – Outdoor Soccer

Spring 2014 Officials of the Month
Mike Bruno: 5-on-5 Hoops
Jason Gottlieb: Indoor Soccer
Evan Linsey – Indoor Soccer
Zach Lucey – 5 on 5 Hoops
Bram Peterson – Broomball
Michael Minarczyk – Broomball
Michael Manion – Softball

Fall 2013 Officials of the Month
Anthony Dellacamera: 5-on-5 Hoops
Josh Adkins: Outdoor Soccer
Ray Woo: Ice Hockey
Dan Phillips: Floor Hockey
Dereck Fagundes: Outdoor Soccer
Junda Pan: Flag Football
Zach Lucey: 3-on-3 Hoops
Jason Gottlieb: Outdoor Soccer
Nick Garrido: Flag Football

Spring 2013 Officials of the Month
John Logan: Softball
Billy Schoeninger: Broomball
Aadesh Modi: 5-on-5 Basketball
Kevin Robitaille: Broomball
Will Bergersen: Indoor Soccer
Tommy Troschuetz: Broomball
Ricky Gomes: Indoor Soccer
Austin Howard: 5-on-5 Basketball

Fall 2012 Officials of the Month
Andrew French: 5-on-5 Basketball
Falak Shah: Outdoor Soccer
Evan Linsey: Outdoor Soccer
Jason Song: Flag Football
Bram Peterson: Ice Hockey
Dan Phillips: Floor Hockey
Abbas Naqvi: 3-on-3 Basketball
Joe Simeone: Flag Football
Su (Ben) Zichao- Outdoor Soccer

Spring 2012 Officials of the Month
John (Jones) Arbogast: 5-on-5 Hoops
Kevin Robitaille: Broomball
Alex Honza: Softball
Sayeed Ahmed: 5-on-5 Hoops
Victor Olakojo: Indoor Soccer
Peter Fitzgerald: Broomball
Jon Shainberg: 5-on-5 Hoops
Phil Welsh: Indoor Soccer
Ryan Parsons: Broomball

Fall 2011 Officials of the Month
Paul Dionne: Pre-Holiday Hoops
Teddy Tehrani: Outdoor Soccer
H-Soba Vincent: Outdoor Soccer
Frank Brogie: Flag Football
Jenesis Jones: 3-on-3 Hoops
Peter Fitzgerald: Floor Hockey
Kevin Robitaille: Ice Hockey

Spring 2011 Officials of the Month
Anita Reta: Softball
Raymond Woo: Ice Broomball
Mike Kolesnik: Indoor Soccer
Danny Simon: 5-on-5 Basketball
David Van Meerbeke: Ice Broomball
Chris Bruno: Softball
Tommy Troschuetz: Ice Broomball
Dhruv Panjuani:  Indoor Soccer
Sean Marchessault: 5-on-5 Basketball

Fall 2010 Officials of the Month
Jay Glasenk: Outdoor Soccer
Alex Honza: Flag Football
Eddy Ruddy: 3-on-3 Basketball
Zach Farnsworth: Ice Hockey
James Jelavich: Floor Hockey
Nick Wendel: Outdoor Soccer
Matt Cooper: Flag Football

Spring 2010 Officials of the Month
Jamaal Gill: Softball
Chris Lane: 5-on-5 Basketball
Hugo Seoane: Indoor Socer
Ethan Sales: Indoor Soccer
David de las Morenas: 5-on-5 Basketball
Zeke Hecker: Broomball

Fall 2009 Officials of the Month
Larry Kozakowski: Football
Jacob Glasenk: Soccer
Kelsey Foley: 3-on-3 Basketball
Zach Farnsworth: Ice Hockey
Tommy Troschuetz: Floor Hockey
Chris Bruno: Football
Stefan Bolea: Outdoor Soccer

Spring 2009 Officials of the Month
Leighann Cornacchio: Softball
Ed Nickoloff: Broomball
Jenna Daniels: Indoor Soccer
Leo Gameng: 5-on-5 Basketball
Belinda Smith: Softball
Jake Freedman: Broomball
David Kim: Indoor Soccer
Luciano Fraioli: 5-on-5 Basketball

Fall 2008 Officials of the Month
Adam Chovan: Ice Hockey
Owen Ziegler: Floor Hockey
Matthew Hall: Outdoor Soccer
Tyler Brantingham: Flag Football
Eric Pasinski: 3-on-3 Basketball
Kiel Servideo: Outdoor Soccer
Kevin Tomaszek: Flag Football

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