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About Stan

Stan is a Boston University alumnus who graduated in 1999.  He began sailing at the age of four, and spent his childhood summers living on a sailboat.  Stan has won nine major sailing championships, including the collegiate national championship, and he is the holder of a trans-Atlantic sailing record.  When not at work, Stan enjoys spending time swimming and sailing with his three year old daughter.

As a BU sailor, Stan was a tenacious competitor, national champion, All American and Collegiate Sportsman of the Year. Since his BU sailing days, Stan has made a career out of his passion; sailing professionally, coaching and working in the boating industry. Stan holds the sailing speed record in the New York to Barcelona Transoceanic Sailing Race His professional sailing resume includes a wide variety of sailing campaigns. He was on the Tommy Hilfiger Sailing Team on the Extreme 40 Grand Prix circuit from 2005-2008. Stan was selected to the U.S. Olympic Team in 2004 in the Tornado discipline, and was a member of the US Sailing Team from 2002-2004. Stan has also served as a coach for several collegiate and Olympic sailing teams.

Stan currently coaches the BU Club Sailing Team, the Dinghy Sailors and oversees the entire BU sailing program.

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