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Do you have a friend or family member affiliated with Boston University? If so, you are eligible for our Friends of BU membership plan! Gain access to one of the country’s best university fitness centers, our membership services and a discounted rate for recreation classes and family programming. To sign up, you must be sponsored by a person affiliated with Boston University – an enrolled student, faculty or staff member or alumnus.

Friends of BU Pricing

Friend: $74.95 (6-month payment*: $359.95)

Plus Spouse: +$54.95 (6-month: +$263.95)

Plus Dependents (18 & under): +$8.95/each (6-month: +$42.95/each)

* Six-month membership plans run July through December & January through June only.

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Membership Details

  • In addition to the individual Friends of BU membership, memberships can be purchased for spouses and dependents (18 & under); primary affiliate must be a member for family to join
  • Cancellation Policy – members must cancel by the 25th of the month to end the monthly plan

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