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Spend some time on the mat at FitRec in one of our Pilates classes. This highly regarded form of exercise will challenge and improve your flexibility, core strength, alignment, muscle tone, and overall fitness level. Our certified instructors will design classes to meet your specific needs, whether you are recovering from an injury, working to prevent one, trying to improve your alignment and posture, or interested in improving your wellness.

We offer group classes, Pilates Apparatus classes, and private and semi-private instruction. Pilates is an excellent mind and body workout that helps you see results!

Private and Semi-Private Pilates

 Looking for a specialized one-on-one Pilates experience? Our Private Pilates lessons are an excellent opportunity to tailor a Pilates workout to your fitness level and personal goals. A certified instructor will customize a plan to meet your specific needs with time doing matwork, apparatus or a combination. They can address alignment issues, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and wellness goals. Single sessions or packages of 5 or 10 sessions are available. Private or semi-private with a partner.

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“Pilates apparatus classes are beneficial for both my mental and physical health. The Zen-like focus they require has enabled me to in the here and now, shutting out the noise of the mind and environment. Through various exercises, some more challenging than others, my body has become stronger and more stable, and my posture has improved considerably. Highly recommend.” – Stacy G.

“Thoughtful, precise, effective.” – Guillermo G.

“I’ve taken Pilates Apparatus for nearly 3 years now. The small group instruction has been wonderful for individual attention and has helped me progress more quickly than I would have in a larger class. The most important benefit, as I see it, is that my form has improved significantly. I’m definitely stronger, with better posture.” – Mary Ann H.

“Pilates classes take me out of my head and into my body. Doing Pilates helps me to feel stronger and to have better posture. The emphasis on breathing lowers my level of stress and the exercises have improved my flexibility.” – Silvia G.

Maite’s Pilates [apparatus] class is the best thing I have ever done at Fitrec; I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with her.” – Laura H.

  • Ann Allen Part-time Pilates Instructor

    Ann is a USPA Authentic Pilates teacher. She has also completed the Physicalmind Institute Pilates Matwork certification and The Power Pilates Teacher Training course. In addition to teaching Pilates, Ann is an accomplished dancer and teaches dance classes at FitRec. For the past two decades, she has toured New England, New York, and Europe with all of Boston’s major modern and jazz dance companies. Ann attended Simmons College, where she earned a BA in Education and Psychology. Lately, Ann is into Pilates and Gyrokinesis.

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