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FitRec is happy to offer fitness workshops designed to educate participants on current fitness trends and information about overall health and wellness. The workshops include both classroom time and hands-on learning. Workshops are held multiple times throughout each semester. You’ll find the workshop information, date and time and fees below.

In addition, we offer free workshops during the academic year for both members and nonmembers. Check back often to see when new workshops have been scheduled. In order to attend, please RSVP.

Free workshops

Incorporating Sport-Specific Training into Your Workout

Date: TBD. Time: TBD

This workshop is designed to teach you how to incorporate principles of sports performance training safely and effectively into your workout. It features a 15-minute classroom presentation followed by hands-on learning about speed, agility, and power, and quickness drills.


Program Design

Date: TBD. Time: TBD

Is a CrossFit style of training for you or should you be focusing on only body weight training? This workshop will detail the current philosophies of different training styles and is intended to give you the science behind them. You will leave with a better understanding of what you should be doing based on your individual goals.


Fitness Fallacies

Date: TBD. Time: TBD

This workshop will provide research-based education to help dispel some of the most common fitness fallacies. You will gain the knowledge to help debunk fitness myths and training misconceptions and get your workouts back on the right track.


Check this page see the dates and times they will be offered for the 2014 Fall Semester.

Personal Training

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