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Get motivated and get moving.

We offer a wide variety of fitness classes that are perfect for any level of fitness. The group atmosphere is a structured and fun way to stay motivated and get a great workout! The supervision and leadership of our certified instructors ensures proper form, technique, and progression.

If you’re just getting started, try Basic Fitness Principles or Stability Ball Training. Or try Cycling, offered numerous times throughout the day, for an invigorating and calorie-burning workout that improves your endurance. If you are ready to move, join the fitness party that is Zumba and enjoy a fast-paced aerobics class featuring bumping Latin tunes and high-energy movement. We also have some classic high-calorie burning classes like Cardio Kickboxing, Bootcamp, and Beach Body Workout.

You don’t have to choose just one class.

Not sure what class to take? We offer Drop-In Cards* so you can access all of our awesome and exciting fitness classes without having to commit to a specific class, day, or time. The card can be purchased as a 1-Class, 5-Class, or 10-Class card and will be valid for the entire semester in which it is purchased. If you really want to experience fitness at FitRec, we also offer the Unlimited Fitness Class Pass, which allows the bearer access to any fitness class during the course of the semester.

*A reminder: only current FitRec members can purchase fitness class cards.

Featured Class: CrossTrain

Fitrec’s version of Crossfit. This class is a mix of interval training, weightlifting, gymnastics and mobility exercises to increase participants overall fitness capacity.  Don’t let the intensity be intimidating, all the workouts will be scaled to individual fitness levels to safely achieve great results.  Led by a Certified Personal Trainer, this class has a max limit of 12 participants. Class takes place at the Sports Performance Center in the Track and Tennis Center.

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