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Dance the night away (or the morning or afternoon).

Our dance program is all about life-long learning and serves our students, the BU Community and general public. Whatever your passion, from learning to performing to attending events, we have something to offer. You can take our classes for academic credit and/or as recreational dance classes.  Our aerial, Pilates and pole classes are great for conditioning and muscle toning. If you love dance as a form of creative expression, we’ve got technique and repertory classes that focus on the art and joy of movement. A dance minor is available for undergraduates.

For those interested in performance, our specially designed Dance Theater hosts events and is available for rentals. If you’re a student interested in performance or choreography, join Dance Theatre Group or one of many other dance groups on campus.

Fulfill your passion for learning; choose from:

Private Lessons

Get personalized instruction in any area of dance, including Pilates, Aerial, and Pole!

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Pilates is a Dancer's Friend

*Our Pilates page is new and improved! Meet our Pilates faculty, and take a look at current class offerings.*

Pilates is a great addition to your dance schedule. Improve your flexibility, balance, and coordinator while strengthening your core and other muscle groups. Try a Pilates mat class or an apparatus class. Pilates is the perfect way to enhance your dancing form outside of the dance studio!

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Ballet or ZUMBA?

We’ve got them both. Sign up for a dance class now.

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Dance minor

Study with our dance instructors and discover the beauty of dance as an art.

Study dance at Boston University

LIghts, camera, choreography

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