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Graduate Assistantships

The Department of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance makes available various graduate assistantships to students enrolled in a graduate degree program at Boston University. These positions are highly coveted and allow graduate students to take advantage of discounted graduate-level classes at BU and earn a stipend while working in a fun, challenging, and rewarding environment.

Our Graduate Assistants are enrolled in a variety of graduate programs at Boston University. While every student is different, typically we attract students interested in health, fitness, physical education, physical and occupational therapy, public health, business, marketing, and social work.

Below is a list of all our graduate assistantships, as well as the anticipated position opening dates. Please submit a cover letter and resume to the point of contact indicated. These positions are filled quickly and often in advance, so make sure to apply in a timely manner.

Area of Graduate Assistantship Position Opening Date (subject to change) Contact Person Job Description
Aquatics 1 Fall 2016 Michelle Wong Aquatic GA 
Aquatics 2 Fall 2016 Michelle Wong Aquatic GA 
Business July 1, 2016 Shaun Bossio Business Office GA
Dance Fall 2016 Micki Taylor-Pinney Dance GA
Emergency Medical Services 1 May 2015 Samantha Sawan EMS GA
Emergency Medical Services 2 May 2015 Brian Orsatti EMS GA
Facilities 1 June 1, 2016 Joe Rouse Facilities GA 1
Facilities 2 June 1, 2016 Joe Rouse Facilities GA 2
Fitness 1 May 2015 Mike Lagomarsine Fitness GA 1
Fitness 2 May 2015 Mike Lagomarsine Fitness GA 2
Intramurals Fall 2015 Scott Nalette Filled
Marketing/Graphic Design Fall 2015 Kris Covarrubias Marketing GA
Membership Fall 2015 Todd Stewart Membership GA
Sailing July 1, 2016 Stan Schreyer Sailing GA



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