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Department Phone
FitRec Front Desk (617) 358-3740
Registration Desk (617) 353-2748
Pro Shop (617) 358-7767

FitRec Administrative Staff

Name Phone Email
Ramelle Adams Non-credit Instructional Programs Manager (617) 353-0865 rfadams@bu.edu
Shaun Bossio Business Manager (617) 353-1855 sbossio@bu.edu
Brendan Buckley Administrative Coordinator for Non-credit Programming (617) 358-3761 buckleyb@bu.edu
Cynthia Butler Loud Associate Director, Non-credit Instruction (617) 353-0821 cbutler@bu.edu
Nancy Daugherty Financial Administrator (617) 353-3056 nancyd@bu.edu
Starr Herman Administrative Coordinator (617) 353-1825 hermans@bu.edu
Betsy Hurley Administrative Assistant (617) 353-0760 ehurley@bu.edu
Ray Levy Associate Director, Programs, EMS, Fitness & Physical Education (617) 358-0514 rlevy@bu.edu
Tim Moore Executive Director (617) 353-0750 mooretj@bu.edu
Alexander Southall Associate Director, Facilities, Intramural & Club Sports (617) 353-0604 southy99@bu.edu

Aquatics Staff

Name Phone Email
Dave Witkus Assistant Aquatics Manager (617) 353-0651 dwitkus@bu.edu
Michelle Wong Aquatics Manager (617) 358-3750 michwong@bu.edu

Climbing Staff

Name Phone Email
Sean Kurnas Rock Climbing Manager (617) 358-5445 skurnas@bu.edu

Dance Staff

Name Phone Email
Ann Allen Instructor of Dance & Pilates Manager (617) 353-4041 aballen@bu.edu
Lynda Rieman Assistant Dance Coordinator (617) 353-0866 lrieman@bu.edu
Micki Taylor-Pinney Director of Dance (617) 353-1597 mtaypin@bu.edu

EMS Staff

Name Phone Email
Brian Orsatti Assistant Manager of EMS (617) 358-3759 borsatti@bu.edu
Samantha Sawan Assistant Manager of EMS (617) 353-8032 ssawan@bu.edu

Facilities Staff

Name Phone Email
Kathleen Nelson Assistant Facilities Manager (617) 358-3744 katiemac@bu.edu
Joseph Rouse Facilities Manager (617) 358-3745 jrouse@bu.edu

Family Programs Staff

Name Phone Email
Barbara Green-Glaz Family Programming Manager (617) 353-0686 bsgregl@bu.edu

Fitness Staff

Name Phone Email
Rick DiScipio Assistant Fitness Manager (617) 353-0627 discipio@bu.edu
Michael Lagomarsine Fitness Manager (617) 353-0869 mlago@bu.edu
Lindsey Wallis Assistant Fitness Manager, Blackstone (617) 999-3158 lwallis@bu.edu

Intramural & Club Sports Staff

Name Phone Email
Scott Flickinger Assistant Manager of Intramural & Club Sports (617) 353-2388 sflick@bu.edu
Andrea Mohns-Brillaud Figure Skating Coordinator (617) 353-0739 ajmb@bu.edu
Scott Nalette Intramural & Club Sports Manager (617) 353-4364 snalette@bu.edu
Jason Pride Associate Manager of Intramural & Club Sports (617) 358-3767 jpride@bu.edu
Stan Schreyer Sailing Manager (617) 353-2755 schreyer@bu.edu

Membership & Marketing Staff

Name Phone Email
Kris Covarrubias Marketing & Membership Manager (617) 358-3408 kriscova@bu.edu
Lindsey Simrell Assistant Marketing Manager (617) 358-2567 lsimrell@bu.edu
Todd Stewart Assistant Membership Manager (617) 358-3742 toddstew@bu.edu

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