For these one hundred FitRec members—New Year’s resolution started early! During the fall semester challenge that began on September 19th and ended on December 9thmembers have been accumulating points for the “Choose to Move” Fitness Challenge.

FitRec Members who participated in the Challenge engaged in physical activities and attended health education lectures to accumulate points. Based on points earned, participants were placed in a raffle for nearly $3,000 in cash prizes.

The Fitness Challenge was a member-engagement program created by the Fitness Department within PERD (Physical Education, Recreation & Dance). The objective was to promote programs that encouraged people to move more to become healthier and fit. Participants had several ways to earn points; such as taking one of many FitPass or Yoga classes, participating in any Personal Training program or enrolling in an adult recreation class. Members who used the fitness center or swam at least three-times a week also earned points.

One hundred and five members including twenty three faculty and staff took the challenge. Grand Prize winners were Cheryl Pavlik (CELOP) and Catherine Klapperich (College of Engineering) – each won a 500.00 gift card.

“The fitness challenge was a great experience for me, being a law student it is sometimes tough for me to dig up the determination to consistently hit the gym. Having the fitness challenge gave me that extra incentive I needed all semester to do what I would be doing anyways in the gym, but with a great prize at the end. Thanks again and I hope you guys do another challenge.”  Robbie Hillson, J.D. Candidate, Class of 2018

“Working out with the Fit Rec staff over the past 5 years has really increased my fitness level!  The challenge was the push that I needed to improve my diet and get to the gym an extra time each week. Rick and Chris are the greatest. They keep the workouts fun and challenging!” Catherine Klapperich, College of Engineering

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